The Lunar Eclipse of June 5, 2020



Suzy Holbrook Newsletter
Lunar Eclipse 6/5/20
The alignment of the energies of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon is what defines an eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse of June 5, 2020 shows this in that Moon and Sun are across the chart from each other and the fact they are relatively close to the Nodes of the Moon.
In this chart, Moon has been emphasized by placing it on the Ascendant. This allows us to see the entire chart as if our Moon process is a new warrior path we are birthing in the present incarnation. I would go so far as to say the necessary growth each of our Soul incarnates to experience in this incarnation can be identified through Moon symbols. An Eclipse represents for each incarnated anywhere on the earth, a time of added intensity and accelerated development.
Moon in Sagittarius near the South Node indicates our warrior nature is vibrant. We are committed to starting and we believe we can win. We are crusaders with a truth and are messengers for this truth. If we had been born with this signature, we would have conviction and willingness to fight for our cause, we would be the crusaders of religious wars or missionaries with fervent travel part of the plan. Fused planetary energies that modify this include opposing Venus, opposing Sun and squaring Mars and Neptune. Venus, retrograde and in Gemini contributes understanding that differing viewpoints only add dimension (or a point of reference to argue against to clarify our own beliefs). This Moon is stabilized and nuanced by these viewpoints and if able to include a broader perspective can be made wise, if seen in a Natal Chart, over a life. Retrograde Venus implicates a need to look beneath the surface, question and confirm any piece of information used for modification. This Venus understands that not only are their other viewpoints but they could provide the vital piece of information that allows full understanding. The questioning and doubting of information of this Venus is not only directed to the Moon in Sagittarius and will temper the ferocity of opinion, but also questions the supremacy of the Sun, the King. This Gemini Sun asks that we open to information, look for something that will help us understand our life, where to go and what to do. This Sun in Gemini is on edge so as not to miss the information that will clarify, that will helps us connect the data points, UNDERSTANDING what to do, what our life means and with that understanding show us how to act. Venus retrograde conjunct the Sun in Gemini demands that the information we use to draw conclusions be accurate and that we discriminate relative to this information, indiscriminate assimilation of the data could lead us astray.
Mars in Pisces conjuncts our friend Neptune in Pisces and adds to this Lunar Eclipse a veiling and a dose of either confusion or clarity depending on the attitude of the receiver. This signature asks that our references are global, interested in something more than the personal. It asks that the information we see as useful includes a mature view, not reductive and quick-fix oriented but emphasizes truth that has broad applicability. This Mars confronts our warrior Moon in its self-interest and beliefs. As I stated, the changes to a Soul over an incarnation, with this natal signature would be to become more aware and avoidant of dogmatic rose-colored glasses-approach and be blessed with a consciousness that understands reductive thinking about truth is not only not truthful but is harmful to all involved.
We must clearly see how this Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces squaring Sun and Moon signature brings with it an energy prone to confusion-there could be bad information, there could be misrepresentation and there could be scapegoating and misplaced anger as we are led astray relative to this misinformation. Please guard against lies. Guard against instinctive anger that clouds the intellect, guard against the magician-trick, sleight of hand: we must see both hands on the table at all times!
To close, Moon energy, what opens softens nourishes and enriches our life energy is important. Eclipse season, now, emphasizes nourishment of our Soul through defining our truth. We can clarify and be given the opportunity to define what is important and worthy of our attention. Please do this now! But with this prioritization of what we see as truthful, worth fighting for, we must be willing to modify our instinctive assumptions, be open to other viewpoints and keep the broader perspective in mind. Use the wisdom available to us at this time of alignment of these powerful energies. Be willing to look beneath the surface for another possibility and please be vigilant for deceptive truths. We can express our energy directly responding from our center with clarity or we erupt with anger because nothing is worse than disillusionment at being led astray.
With love and light, Suzy, 5/24/2020

The Full Moon April 7, 2020

We are pressured on a new path. This path requires us to see the bigger picture, it is not only about what the individual wants or needs. It is important to see each individual as a piece of a larger unit. We must do our part to start the new path and include information about what choices we make from those in a position of authority. The authority to follow are those who also understand that for each of us to win, we must realize how tied we all are to the good of the organism, to the good of the group. REALIZE, if one makes choices based on personal desires the goal will be lost. The leader to listen to will teach that going too far and too fast will not work. We must start a path based upon a history of success. If there is a leader with a plan based upon previous success, one with experience and a track record of success and validity, then follow that leader. With Capricorn Jupiter and Pluto conjunct squaring the Full Moon luminaries, there is a SOUL-SCAR regarding leadership. We have a distant memory at a soul level regarding leaders who have not made decisions that are based upon group success but have been based upon either faulty, self-invested interests or based upon choices that are not tested and valid. This time follow a leader who is worthy, consistent and making statements about the good of all and not the good of the few. Ask questions, confront those in power because if these leaders are those worthy of being followed, they will stand up to the questioning and will appreciate the confrontation because in this way they will be aligned with a path that approaches the best path.
We must all face our assumptions regarding leadership, test their validity, look to incoming and new information and compare this new information to past success. Act, stop and reflect, gather data from leaders but also from your own process, are you making choices that work? We must all stop assumptions, look to results in the present and change the plan based upon results that are working, succeeding in the moment.

New Moon March 24, 2020

The New Moon signature of Sun conjunct Moon in Aries, in a world where the reality of Coronavirus is rampant, tells a story. The story described is a fight, a fight against helplessness and vulnerability. We are emotional and pressured to act, to defend and to win. Further understanding about this fight can be achieved through the symbol of the planetary ruler of Aries, Mars, in Capricorn. This describes our tools: discipline, stamina to work to get to the goal and a vision of our moral path. The conjunction of Mars to Pluto and Jupiter creates intensity. Through this fight we will deal with loss and our deepest fears of inadequacy. We will experience crises but also be given the opportunity to realize phoenix-like regeneration of our faith. Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius describes the beginning. We analyze with impartial eyes our chances of winning and the contributors that will increase the odds of our success in winning the war. This skillset includes science and scientists. We must learn to use the data, the real facts that are uncovered and not believe those that speak or write from mis-truths that are not grounded in reality. Possibilities will not help, we must use the data, the facts and fact check. The several Capricorn planets and Saturn in Aquarius demand reliability.
Uranus in Taurus is squaring Saturn. We are pressured to act on this warrior path without seeing every point of view, without complete understanding. What we do know is we will gather information as we go and then must use what is uncovered in the moment so we do not repeat mistakes. We must uncover vested interests that spread unreliable information and we must revolutionize values and create a new system based upon valuing things that are about preservation rather than about might making right.
With the North Node in Cancer we must be where we are, grateful for the supports we have. We must start the cultivation of a value system based upon open hearts and connection. We must join together to support those less lucky or if you are struggling reach out for support. This is how we will get through this and use this time of chaos and fear to create more stability and realize regeneration of a system that no longer works to create a future that is better.

Full Moon March 9, 2020

The Full Moon chart for March 9, 2020 inspires us to consider our relationships. With the Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune and placed, as shown, on the first house cusp to emphasize the Sun process, we see our new mission at this time is to look to a greater whole than our individual ego. A Pisces Sun conjunct Neptune in its own sign and its own house puts quadruple emphasis on this archetype. Pisces and Neptune and the 12th house are water and mutable. Mutability is about global, we are interested in our place in the grand scheme. We are interested in how we fit into the bigger organism and see the individual as limited. The water element’s strength is in forming to any vessel, making ourselves accommodate. It engulfs us, filling every crevice, permeating and conforming. Over a life it erodes, changing the landscape and our Soul with its persistence. Mutable water is overwhelmingly accommodating and simultaneously in control. Have you ever tried to fight against an ocean current? it is nature at its most implacable. Part of the journey with Pisces is to learn that we are not in charge, we are here to adapt, to blend and to submit. The choice: to drown in the implacability or shape-shift, adept at swimming with, not against the current.
The Moon in Virgo on the cusp of the 7th house is fed through understanding the nuances of life. There is more to the story than lack of control and bending to the will of life’s flow. We are nourished by self-care, not every aspect of life is about our willingness to dissolve into the greater whole. We must also take care to support life through our efforts. We must not only give up our individual desires we must work, with conscious and with full understanding, to support those in our world. Detail consciousness, effort and healthy relationships will feed us and bring a more realistic understanding of our life.
Our relationships are further pressured to function with accuracy and efficiency. We need to support those around us seamlessly as we work to create health for our own life. In the symbol of Venus conjunct Uranus we must see a bigger picture than our own self-interest. This is challenging the Sun/Moon message of global and individual part in that whole. It is pressuring us to directly integrate the concept of taking care of myself, my life, my body, my possessions with what others need. We are aware of the needs of others in equal measure to our own and must contend with the paradoxes.
The stellium in Capricorn adds a deep undercurrent of the old juxtaposed with the new. It is the drumbeat of the old dictum of authority that no longer works. It is the force of time relinquishing control to a greater force, the force of life sweeping us into the current to uproot the old bringing with it the possibility of health, the possibility of seeing the needs of another and working to bring health to those around because that will create health for all. We are witness to the reasons we must work to bring in these changes. The old dictum of self first will bring anger, it will perpetuate a reality that speaks to doing what is right but in truth is only right for a minority. We must allow the undertow to bring in new leaders whose words are coincident with their life. Look to their actions, not just to their words. In this way, we will allow a future that is about health and function and not the old dictates of a system that is not working anymore.

New Moon February 23, 2020

The New Moon for February 23, 2020 shows a sharp dichotomy of energies. We cannot forget, at least for the next several months, the Capricorn presence. We are pressured to engage in our life with the care of a mastercraftsman. Issues of right and wrong are present in every moment. But, for the next 2 weeks in this New Moon, we sense a change is possible. The firm-edged and reality inspired march that has inspired our discipline and hard work is now lead by a flute instead of a drum. We feel a change like the smell of lilly in the cold air of winter. The promise of something new, a dream barely remembered that lingers after a deep sleep.
The values that have inspired our Capricornian discipline include a rich tradition of warriorship. We are carrying the flag of our ancestors who have lived to pass on the knowledge of right and wrong, of the path of success and have staked their lives upon this tradition. We understand because we have learned at the knee of grandparents that we will only live and we live only to carry this flag. Our ancestors learned from their parents about right and wrong, about the path of honor. We have faith that our teachings in this regard are accurate because they have worked, have made us and kept us strong.
But let us imagine a child in such as this. Imagine this child with vision and understanding. This gifted vantage can see what most cannot. When sitting at the knee of the teachers of the community, this child asked questions. She did not see things as they and could understand the limitations, the weakness of the traditions. She spoke to the elders and because they had solid belief in wisdom, regardless of who this came from, the elders listened to the child. The elders understood this child to be one born when the veil, the structures of earthly reality are more malleable and bring in with their birth a vision, the gift of understanding. Through this child there can be envisioned a new tradition, a new structure, a new warrior path that will allow a rebirth of the community, rebirth of the rules, the established truths. In this way, the future can remain solid and secure.
The chart of this New Moon shows a time such as this and could describe a person such as this child.
Each of us have traditions, boundaries, rules of right and wrong that have kept us safe. We may have learned from family, community or teacher. But, we are now at a crossroads. We see how it is easy to disregard the path. We see how the rules of conduct, of right and wrong, the path that has kept us safe has been turned to be used for the good of only a few, for the good of the ego, for the good of the pocketbook of the one instead for the good of the majority. We see now there must be new ideas, there must be an understanding that things must be let go in order to realize a future that can help all, not just the few. We must bring in ideals of the matriarchy. These ideals are cooperative, and as supportive of those in need as those in power. We must focus on community. We must love more, include more and become warriors of these values. In this way, with this spirit, we will be happier, live a life of growth in each moment rather than live fighting for self interest and money grubbing which will break the spirit and soul of all of us.

Full Moon February 9, 2020

In this Full Moon we see the axis of creativity, love and light as the focal point of the energy. The question that is raised becomes an anthem for creative progress. The question, “who am I?” must be evaluated with honesty. Do I have creative control of my life or am I a slave to an enmeshed and crystalized pattern of behavior that is no longer who I am becoming.

A central configuration is the Yod with the Moon in Leo at the apex. Moon energy is how you make yourself comfortable. Can you remember a time in which you were out of your element and uncomfortable? The way you brought resolution to the discomfort is one description of your Moon. The Moon energy describes what you are fulfilled through, what your soul is hungry for and through “eating” (literally or figuratively) becomes you over your life. The Moon symbolism in a chart is pivotal because it describes what your soul needs for spiritual evolution.

In Evolutionary Astrology we know we are incarnated in a body in order to evolve the soul. The positions of the stars and planets at your birth give a symbolic view of your soul. It shows what you have learned and are here to give and what cup you must drink, what food, eat for soul nourishment.

If we look to this Moon in the chart of February 9, 2020, we see the Moon is in Leo and is the apex of a Yod. This is an emphasized placement because a Yod, sometimes called the “finger of God” configuration shows that the soul has an intention to work in a focused way on the planet at the apex. The two arms of the Yod are in 150 degree aspects, a quincunx. This aspect is one of tension. Classically the separating, waning, aspect shows the need to purify the energy of the separating planet. In this chart this planet (planets in this case) are Pluto and Jupiter and Saturn. These planets are all in Capricorn. There must be intense focus on and purification of the healthy use of authority, use of responsibility and discipline, working for the sake of the work itself rather than any rewards possible. This type of energy is healthy Capricorn. Each of the planets in Capricorn show another facet of this. Jupiter shows what gives us faith, what we believe in despite lack of facts on but only inspiration about and will be rewarded with optimism and spiritual understanding. Pluto is the promise of rebirth through facing shadows, facing the pain and pushing through to achieve deeply transformative healing. Saturn shows “True North” for the soul by house, sign along with the sign on the cusp of the 10th house and aspecting planets. Saturn shows an area of life that we have, in the process of lifetimes of living, accrued karmic debt. This can be positive in that it shows our mastery and our wisdom. It also, always, show an area that we have walked over an appropriate boundary and must learn about this issue on several levels. In this chart we see Saturn in Capricorn. We have been looking for or been a role model and have transgressed. Maybe we have been a role model but not been consistent in this. Maybe we have found a role model but we have not shown consistent effort on our path and have been hypocritical in some way. We may have sought wisdom but found the path too difficult and in our fatigue, quit and our soul remembers this. Many possible scenarios and all worthy of forgiveness. In this chart there will be achieved purification of intention, understanding of the value of work, shadow unmasking and consistent focus to achieve the goal of leadership. In this process we will develop a daily practice, dharma, that through daily expression will heal the karmic wounds of the father, wounds of inauthenticity and of hypocrisy. We can and will be the agents of transformation. This is the purification arm of the Yod. This will be used to open us to a new level of commitment to the truth of love. This love, at this level, is the love and commitment to every life on the planet and the perpetuation of those lives. It is about opening to being present in every moment of every day. Most of us feel tired and overwhelmed and go through the motions of life. This Moon is intolerant, dims and dies with this attitude. It is fed through feeling joy, seeing the spirit within in all of us and bowing to the light within as I do the light without. There is no room for pettiness, for dimming of the flame of hope.

The waxing quincunx aspect from the Moon is to Neptune in Pisces. The waxing aspect will be connected to the waning quincunx through a sextile. This lends the possibility of using this energy synergistically by understanding on a mental level the issues involved. Neptune allows us cracks in our daily life that may make us feel out of control but bring with this lack of control the voice of God. This voice forces us to look at things a new way, forces us to accept this issue. If we can accept and move gracefully through this then life will take us to a vista we didn’t know was there. This vista will afford a view of life that will bring a new level of spiritual understanding. If we cannot make space for the numinous then it will happen anyway but will leave you with nothing but the knowledge there is some force greater than you.

Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter sextile Neptune bring up memories of role models that disappear, leaving us alone and without guidance. It reminds us that no matter how hard we work, how disciplined we are, we will ultimately be gone like out great grandparents before us. It reminds us of the importance of humility, that we are only as great as what is left after we are no longer in form. But, back to the Capricorn, we cannot use this as an excuse to be lax. Discipline and right work is paramount because without effort nothing will be accomplished. And more than this, the important point is not the end result but is the process for this will effect the necessary purification.

Through this process we will become masters of emotion. We will realize and cherish life, we will treasure love, creativity and presence because we will understand how fragile is love, light and truth. We will be fed and will grow through this love.

The final piece of the puzzle in this configuration is the Sun opposing the Moon. This is called a boomerang configuration. This Sun shines light on the Moon but also contributes to the Capricorn sextile Neptune story. Sun is at the midpoint between the Capricorn planets and the Neptune. This brings our creativity to the fore. It will not be enough to feel the love to feel the light. We are required to work, to create, to make love embodied and permanent. We will be the agents of love to make love lasting. In this way we will honor the configuration.

The New Moon January 24, 2020


There is something in this time of brilliance. A shining star, Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aquarius, bright and able to illuminate the darkness. The darkness speaks to us of fear. Fear that we may never be more than what we are now. Fear that we may never rise above our incapacities. Fear that we may never be more than our failures. Fear that we may never rise above our inadequacies, our insecurities. We can be more if we accept ourselves as we are for it is only in this, we can make lasting change.

Let’s deconstruct a bit this fear. We all experience going through the motions of our life without true engagement, no matter what you do or who you are this happens to a greater or lesser degree. If you have experienced a wake-up call in your life there may have already been a choice made to engage and live, truly live your life. You are lucky enough to have resurrected your Soul and live according to your TRUTH, to your LOVE for the calling of your SOUL.

The rest of us are now called to commit to a better future. We are alive, now, to question our excessively partisan stance or in another expression, our need to be seen as right but without an alignment with universal truth. We now can look back and see how we are out of alignment. And the view is liberating, let’s take advantage!

We can see the way fear of being found out, seen as insincere or inadequate or simply wrong has made us hide ourselves from our SOUL. The problem is we cannot run from ourselves.

This fear is not irrevocable. We can change. GO ahead, look into the eyes of the demons in your life. Is it your profession? Could your Soul be better served by a different line of work? Is it in your relationships? Could there be more sincerity? Could there be more truth? Could there be more participation?

What about your preconceptions regarding power? What does power mean to you? Is power about an intellectual idea that you take a sense of power from? Is it about who you are? Is it about how others see you? Are you in a position of power over others? If you know your own natal chart look to the transit of Pluto and Saturn. These Capricorn planets show, perhaps, where your SOUL is calling you to ask these questions. What must be faced without fear and evaluated with the white starlight of the Sun conjunct Moon in Aquarius- detached truth to clarify the situation.

At this moment, we may feel stuck in quicksand, sinking and unable to make forward movement. We may scream, we may rage and make accusations against others or ourselves that we have hopes and aspirations. Our intentions are pure but the flow of the current is against us and we stay still or, worse float backward against our intentions. I have heard that when in quicksand it is worse to fight and pull and strain. Let go, give in and see what happens. The helplessness in our life is for a reason. We are to learn about a possibility about which we have no concept. Your life has a greater plan and it is only through letting life take you that a greater possibility can be realized. Look to the transiting Mars, where is your chart is the sign of Sagittarius? If in the 4th house you will aspire for inner emotional security. You will be asked to be vulnerable to your TRUTH! There is no evading who you are at a fundamental level, what inspires you? Where do you place your faith? DO IT! Believe! But realize, as you place faith and point that archers bow in a direction you may suddenly realize you have no concept how to realize your dreams. No worries, the important point is to aim the bow and set the intention. Let life carry you and teach you about the possibilities.

The Full Moon January 10, 2020

The Full Moon is always a time of acting on a process that has been in gestation. We can see the seed, the intention of the Full Moon at the New Moon, which in this case, was a Solar Eclipse 12/26/2019, there was the imperative to review patterns of childhood conditioning. The patterns of concern are those that are not contributing to a future for each of us that is enriched with what our Souls are thirsting for. We all have some patterns that are crystalized and from which we act without thought-habitual patterns that we have, over our lifetime, built our life upon. But now we are mature and have outgrown these habits. They did give us security and provided us a persona which allowed internal consistency but now we are at a turning point. Will we grow into someone we would like? Will we be living a life based upon goals, morals and values we will approve in 10 years? Do we continue to support and act from the persona that is stable but limiting? If we choose the new path, the path that is breaking through the crystalized pattern, we will feel a bit lost, a bit unsure. It is similar to a newborn foal, walking on young, shaky legs. But if we do take this new path, we consistently and with patience with ourselves and our new process, establish our routines based upon where we want to go. With this, we will allow an important divergence from a dead end that will age our Soul prematurely and that will result in gaps between who we want to be and the persona we show to the world. These gaps create alienation of our persona from our Soul and potentially create a situation where we are living a life that is hollow, void of any real substance.
With this Full Moon chart, we are pressured to remember traditions from our family, culture, country or even entire globe that have proved to us of their reliability. By relying upon a past resonant with our evaluation of integrity that we know to be worthy, we will make better choices. There is a tendency with these configurations to have not only relied upon an outworn persona that is holding on to us, keeping us locked into a mask, but we have acted impulsively, recklessly to break free. We are now pressured to make choices about our future that integrate our past into a future that works for not only the present but where we want the future to take us.
The challenges that I see include:
Realizing that something you have built to make your life secure can now be limiting.
Deconstructing your childhood, your past, your traditions, your foundation in order to identify what is going to support your best future. This will force you to identify your best future and see what is contributing to this future in your present circumstances and what is detracting from this future.
There will be the necessity to engage the power of intelligence, will, discipline and hard work to change what needs to be changed and the need for intelligence, will, discipline and hard work to create a more aligned future.
The intense desire to opt out of the hard work through taking side paths that are alleviating the pressure but not truly in line with your determined future. Realize these are mirages and distractions on the path of future success.
For now, visualize a future that is coincident with your values at this moment. Ask yourself if your present path in life will lead to that future. If it will not then I would configure a trajectory, steps to take, practical applications for this moment that will bring about your identified values and a future more consistent with who you want to become.

fork in the road

Venus in Scorpio 2018: Beauty and Challenges

Venus rules 2 archetypes: Libra and Taurus. To get an idea about the meanings of Venus let us explore these two signs.

Libra, on the surface, is about harmony and relationships. It can be about these things and the benefits we receive from equal exchange from another, learning through giving or taking and our own needs being met through this process. But it could also highlight the need for balance and therefore the reality of the signature could be just the opposite: imbalanced and partial, excessive and self-interested or too selfless in unhealthy ways. Especially when we introduce Scorpio with this Venus signature, it can show there is something to be improved on. Growth is required. Scorpio can show that there has been a limitation in the previous, past-life expression of the energy. It can indicate that we have not been all that Venus can be: fair, eager to listen and to be willing to not only take but also give or that we may have been more likely to give and our karma in this life is to learn to take; either could be the interpretation.

Taurus, on the surface, is about beauty, and harmony and our resources and our money. A deeper look reveals it to be about building something that is worthy and long-lived. We are pressured to build something that is perfect in such a way as to stand the test of incarnation. We must be able to verify this worth through what we see, feel, touch or taste. Incarnation is indeed a test because what we devise in our intellect may be quite successful however it is only when it is tested on the physical plane we really see whether the idea has value which is another terrific Taurus word. The Taurus archetype pressures us to explore a fundamental part of our humanity-the sensual life. We are here to enjoy the senses. This is an essential message and we are all educated in this through our Venus. Venus in Scorpio indicates a need to go deeply into this process. It indicates we must reconfigure what we build, what we value. We could have been, in past incarnations, overly invested in a value system that was not as deep, as fully expressive of who and what our SOUL thought us capable. It is to be exploded in the present incarnation.
Venus in Scorpio, in one symbol, expresses all of this.
Another important part of this energy is the joining of Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius because Venus will be squared by Mars from early September to the last of October. If Venus in Scorpio is about bringing a deeper, more balanced relationship with others in our environment and about a deeper relationship with ourselves, redefining our values and our productivity then when it squares Mars in Aquarius we are pressured indeed! Mars is the red button that amps up the energy of this process. If we feel limited and frustrated in our lack of balanced relationships and lack of a value system that truly reflects our SOUL then Mars makes us feel this lack even more intensely. We must defend our relationships and values to ourselves but if our SOUL has felt unhappy in these things then with Mars in Aquarius challenging us we will not be able to take it. Our fuse will be short, anger high. If we fail to change and grow to be more completely as our SOUL dictates we will miss the opportunity. We may rage, frustrated, grasping at superficial values and sensual experiences to fill the void.
To do well with this Venusian energy, relax into the intensity of the experience. Feel our way because with Scorpio we must first feel for if we go into the intellect we will split ourselves off from our emotional processing, from our emotional intelligence. Then, as we start from this place we may be able to not only feel but see with perfect vision the Mars in Aquarius vantage which allows clarity of emotional expression. We may be able to not react from our wounds but synthetically process our deep wounds with clarity at this time.
Venus will also retrograde come October 5, 2018 through November 15, 2018. This happens every 1.6 years so is not that common a planetary movement or archetypal energy.
Venus retrograde brings with it an ability to let go of unwanted emotional baggage. We are given the opportunity to step outside our usual habits in relationships and in our relationship to what we hold dear. We are thrown into a space of upheaval! We can see the retrograde is quite synergistic with the energetic intensity I have discussed. If we feel intensely frustrated with our values, productivity or ability to make manifest something truly beautiful in our life, whether in relationship dynamics or in physical form then this is the time to let go to make room for a new dynamic. We are gifted with this energetic flick of the wrist to get rid of what we no longer need, make room for values, relationships, creative manifestations that are more in line with our SOUL. Grab and hold on.

Moon and Sun Archetypes and the Evolving Self

The archetype of the moon represents our evolving ego. The Moon by Sign and House describes our instinctive way of functioning. It shows what we see and what we are drawn to. This portrays what feeds us. This is very important because in the process of a life, of ingesting the archetype as portrayed through the House and Sign of the Moon, we are continually becoming something different than we started.

If we examine what this is saying, we can see that the Moon gives us a picture of where we start in this incarnation which is on a fundamental level, the mother. It also shows where we must go to further each of our emotional evolution.

If the Moon shows what we “see” in this life, with Moon in Aries, the soul starts from birth with a maternal relationship that could involve fighting with her or for her. It could represent an individual whose soul is fed when their mother is a fighter. To take this example further, through the course of a life they will “see” situations, events, through which they take action, fight for a cause, pioneer or take a stand. These Arian Moonchildren feel that they cannot allowing helplessness to be the mode of action. They become this fighter because it gives them sustenance not only on a physical level but on a spiritual level.

The Sun is the evolving Meaning of a life. It is the performance of a life. It is what is left when it is all over, it is the legacy.

If we combine the Sun archetype with the Moon we see the why and the who of a consciousness. In the above example, if the Moon is in Aries-the identification with the fight against helplessness is seen but if we connect the ego, the self-identity (Moon) with the purpose (Sun) for an incarnation we get another piece to elaborate the picture of a SOUL. If the Sun is in Pisces we connect these and find a personality that fights, becomes a fighter but for what purpose? The purpose with Sun in Pisces is to fight for the love of life as a concept. There is the need for the life to not be personal but to be for the collective.

The Soul in this incarnation can be quite nicely fleshed out with the understanding of the Sun and the Moon and how they work together.

If we look at the relationship between the two luminaries, Sun and Moon, we can see that the Moon, what is digested and what gets our attention then will direct the energy of the Sun in such a way as to mold the expression of the Sun. We become the Moon, it feeds us and this in turn will alter the purpose of this incarnation, the Sun.

One more layer to this is that the South Node of the Moon in the chart represents another type of Moon energy. This represents the ego, identity associations that we have brought in from previous incarnations. It gives yet another layer of evolution. If the Moon is our starting identity and evolving identity in this incarnation then we can see what identity we brought in with us from previous lifetimes with the archetype of the South Node of the Moon. I would even propose there is a sort of energetic transformation of the soul as seen in these symbols. From past incarnations we brought through an identity. That identity had good and bad characteristics as developed in a single or even many incarnations but is seen in a single symbol in the chart. The Moon is the new identity. This symbol represents the need for growth in this life. In these two symbols there is a past and a present and even a future because the Moon represents both the present and the future in this incarnation. We bring in a self-identity shown in the South Node, we will be made secure and comfortable and then through gradual processing, chewing on and eventual growth, evolve (Moon). This process then will also evolve our evolutionary purpose (Sun).

If there is a solid understanding of the South Node of the Moon, Moon and Sun in a Natal chart, the basis of the Soul; the past identity, present and evolving ego identification and the meaning of this life  is thoroughly understood.