The Full Moon August 3, 2020

Full Moon of August 3, 2020
Over the next 2 weeks there is this persistent feeling of pressure to understand what we should do to help. We can feel that the pressure is on to perform in the best way we know how. There is frustration because the way through is murky and we are afraid of our own inadequacies.
I can think of a few keys to help us get through without getting too stressed-out.
Keep your head above the murk by gathering information that is backed up by facts. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by anger or over-involvement on an emotional level.
Let go of your emotional attachment to your path. See the other side and meet others in the middle. I do not mean give up your side completely, just be aware of being blinded by your attachments.
Nurture yourself. We are in this for the long haul and so must find enjoyment in every moment of every day.
Take time to connect with your life, give time to yourself to feel connected to your own needs and give time to listen to others’ perspective.
This will help soften the intensity of the moment.

New Moon July 20, 2020

We live in an unprecedented time. Why do we find ourselves in a body now? What can be learned by having a body on this planet at this time, during this pandemic that is a tearing down of assumptions. We are shown that we are not in control. We are also given a ripe opportunity. At this New Moon what can we do, in an energetic, spirit-based way to further our process and pay homage to this time in a positive way?

We can review our own patterns. We are reliving situations from either past lives or previous experiences in the life that question our emotional foundation. Perhaps we continue to make choices based upon teachings that are outmoded and not furthering our spiritual baby-steps. Think about instinctive patterns that maintain your emotional security-see if you feel a change coming, feel the breeze of spiritual growth and progress that you have sensed but not acted upon because you are afraid of what this foundational change would bring to your life. Change is difficult. You have security, know what to do and how to act based upon teachings from you parents, societal norms and perhaps religious assumptions, and experiences.

OK, close your eyes, feel into your life, energetically, by imagining your patterns. Perhaps you wake up after resting, you eat, work, feel moods-happy, sad, frustration, love, joy, pain. At a very core level, these unquestioned actions and reactions are the security patterns I am talking about and with this Moon we are asked to review and possibly to grow beyond.

If these patterns are working for you then you are bringing through gift after gift; teaching those around you. If you are feeling frustrated, angry and locked into patterns that are not representative of who you want to become then welcome to the club 😉. This North Node in Gemini is the breeze to lead to your future.

Simply put, what makes you feel nourished and nurtured at this time? Where must you confront patterns that keep you locked into replay mode? Where have you buried your head because you are afraid? Where have you held to a position of security and authority but in so doing, have tied yourself to a mast only to be doused again and again.

You are powerful now and through softening old patterns, through seeing the strength in nurturing, strength in smiling and holding and hugging-whether it is your evolving softer and happier self or another person, this is the time. Enjoy it.

Lunar Eclipse July 4-5, 2020

The Lunar Eclipse of July 4-5, 2020 allows a look at the big question: what helps us become our future best self and what must we confront and destroy to become the force we want to see in the world.

If we are lucky, we may be fostered in our need to rebel and uncover who we are becoming through finding teachers already masterful.

Be ready to look at your preconceptions for these are stumbling blocks. Be ready to step outside those preconceptions to find what was always in front of you: your best future.

Look to your present life; what is working. Decide where you want to end up and take steps in that direction.

It is up to you.

Newsletter Summer 2020

The Solar Eclipse for this season is June 21, 2020.

A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon, the Sun and the Earth all line up. This alignment prevents the light of the Sun from reaching the Earth for a few hours as the Moon gets between the Sun and the Earth. I think this alignment allows very direct experience of the energy of the planets involved and can impact us not only on the day of an eclipse but also for months after.

Astrologers believe that Sun and Moon’s goal is to impart to us a new identity. Sun describes life, energy and love. When we are expressing the Sun in our chart in a healthy way we enjoy our life and are connected to it, we do not sit on the sidelines but we engage and we grow in this process. We can give and receive and are sure of who we are.

The Moon describes what our soul is nourished by and it also describes, I think, an energy we are becoming through our life. In short, our Soul is drinking our Moon-we are thirsty for whatever is described by this in our natal chart.

When Moon and Sun are conjunct in a natal chart there is a fusion of these factors. Perhaps we are nourished by being creative. The pursuit of who we are and of what we are bringing into existence, how we leave our mark and a continual birth of these things will be highly figured in the life of such an individual. When we are exposed to these energies through an eclipse these characteristics are emphasized, it is a highly creative time.

You can benefit by starting something that you can really feel inspired by and in this way become something more vital, more inspired. It is your love affair with your life and everything is possible now. GO FOR IT.

We all have strengths that have been developed, use these now as a springboard to develop something through which you are more fully engaged and that will allow you to become who you want to be. Think about it. Bring it in. Do it.

The natal chart is specifically energized by the house this Solar Eclipse falls. Contact me if you want to review this with me 😉.

Love, Suzy

Brave to be what you are! Solar Eclipse of 6/21/2020.

Solar Eclipse June 2020

In starting our new path of self, we create a new identity. A new identity where the persona others see is the internal identity we also resonate with, we activate our emotional intelligence, understanding that what is human in us is why we are here. I am saying that we incarnate, in a body and on the earth to feel, this is the reason and the path through the present incarnation. To illustrate a point, let’s discuss the opposite which is shown through Jupiter in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and is the ruler of the South Node, adding emphasis and adding a karmic theme. We are brilliant in the ability to look the established structures directly in the “face”, uprooting what is entrenched and crystalized into a structure that no longer works. We scrutinize this structure for the cracks and certainly find some. The cracks are there and will not go, we must create a future that understands the cause of these cracks and is able to start a new path that can objectify, can act from the values of diversification. Wise diversity will bring strength that was valued but now is ridiculed. We must study and create a new path that is made vibrant by honest evaluation and made tough by a willingness to destroy what we must to create a future that will live.

Our present path will take us deeper and deeper into crumbled and dangerous demolition, once we were capable of self-correction, able to walk the path of clarity but now we dig ourselves deeper into tunnel vision and even death. We must pull our head out from where it is buried and see, look to what is wrong and look to what could be right and with optimistic steps, build.

That is where we have come, we are moving to a future that values not only diversity but intelligence. Values conversation and opinion but not opinion that shuts others down, opinion that is more about listening for suggestions and working together without ego and pretense, more interested in true reform rather than the present interest in personal gain. In this chart, the Moon conjunct Sun in Cancer is looking to connect in a way that is real. Looking to connect from our own strength rather than weakness. We are weak in our uniformity! We are weak in that we have each lost how we each are strong but not the same in our strength for it is this difference that will bring us all joy and will bring the strength of community. We can let go of the self-interest, of the exclusivity if we will focus on our own life and in using our own energy in a manner that radiates confidence and joy and in this, peace. We have been brain washed, indoctrinated in our goals. Why do we all strive for the same reward? This is a problem because we are not all the same, we do not all have the same talents and the same values. We must become ourselves and not strive to become each other.

This New Moon that is the Solar Eclipse of June 2020, in the setting of global chaos created by governments that cannot work together because they are led by self-interested individuals who do not care about the state of the world. We cannot settle for this. What can we do? We must start with ourselves and in this, love ourselves. This means identify who each of us are, what our gifts are, what we can offer that is from the heart and in this find joy. This joy can sustain each and this joy will create a life that can allow others’ strengths to flourish for if each of us are satisfied then we will allow others their happiness. We will not grasp to what others have because we will understand our desires are not their desires and are based upon not only talents but also on the nourishment of our soul. Now is the time to identify your gift that is yours to give and in giving, create joy. Maximize soul growth. Let go of anything that is not sustaining and nourishing you, create kindness and create love.

Mars is interesting in this chart. It is both strong and central, diffuse and secondary. This is Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Can we fight for the common good? Can we identify needs that we all have in common? Can we step outside the personal and into the collective? If we are to meet this Mars in the middle, meeting its expectations then this is the goal. It is either this collective end or another not so positive; Mars will be experienced one way or another. This Mars will be the entirety of our experience over the next several months. The reality might be rage, fight, defense and experiences of bravery and fear. We could witness a conflagration from experienced victimization outrage and backlash of the entrenched leaders. Please put energy, mind and emotion toward the common good. Cooling, calming, empathetic for there is always a back story. There will be a flood of emotion.

Be kind to yourself, this is the start.


The Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2020

In this chart I see a struggle between Capricorn and Cancer. This chart emphasizes the calling to balance the principles of the internal world that is soft and lenient vs the external world that is accustomed to work and discipline. The Cancer archetype focusses on the emotions, the personal. For all of us, we grow and change through the emotions. Lasting changes happen by letting down our guard, by allowing something that we are not or do not at the present moment have an understanding of “get” to us. When this happens, when we feel safe enough to open to new information, new people, new experiences we change at a core level. This is Soul evolution. But, if we look closely, what is necessary for Soul change? We must let down our guard and this is difficult. Why would we put ourselves in a position of vulnerability? To answer this question, we must unpack the archetype of Cancer and the Moon. Any planets in Cancer or the 4th house or in aspect to the Moon are involved in this process for you. Think to your life, what opens, softens and nourishes you? On a rainy day off what will you do with your time? This starts us understanding this archetype. During this day off you are relaxed and unpressured and therefore without defenses. You will spend your time with something that prepares you for another day that will pressure, stress and tax you. What sustains you and feeds you, supporting your hard work? The answer for each of us lies in the archetype of Moon, Cancer, 4th house. We will endure vulnerability because not only the body but the Soul must be fed.

In this chart, we see Moon conjunct the Sun in Cancer. This is a double emphasis on Moon/Cancer energy. We are starting an important cycle that focusses on a new identity, an identity that allows for softening, treating ourselves as we do others-with kindness and that will feed the direction of

Soul growth. This cycle recognizes that we have stressed achievement, external rewards over individualized benchmarks of success. The goal of success is not the problem. This goal is necessary. The problem is that we have focused on external accomplishments to such an extent that we no longer are pushing for growth, we are pushing for status quo and no change because we are afraid of losing security and the position we have achieved through the external goals. The push for a success defined by the past is safe but stifling. We no longer know who we are. We all are racing around, looking to others to validate who we are and are in competition for the same endpoint even if that endpoint brings a shallow and dull reward. We are all different, all with unique values, emotional needs and gifts and as such have different endpoints of success. Where have you diverged from your individual needs to fit a mold not sustaining you? This is the fundamental issue in this new moon/Solar Eclipse.

Look to your Moon, 4th house and Cancer planets and ruled house in your chart. This is the direction for you. This is your new identity. Define that which opens softens nourishes and enriches your life. This is what you must make time for and will allow you to complete your work in the world. This energy will change you by nourishing a change in your Soul and in this way you will walk closer to the purpose of this incarnation.

Be kind to yourself, this is the start.


The Lunar Eclipse of June 5, 2020



Suzy Holbrook Newsletter
Lunar Eclipse 6/5/20
The alignment of the energies of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon is what defines an eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse of June 5, 2020 shows this in that Moon and Sun are across the chart from each other and the fact they are relatively close to the Nodes of the Moon.
In this chart, Moon has been emphasized by placing it on the Ascendant. This allows us to see the entire chart as if our Moon process is a new warrior path we are birthing in the present incarnation. I would go so far as to say the necessary growth each of our Soul incarnates to experience in this incarnation can be identified through Moon symbols. An Eclipse represents for each incarnated anywhere on the earth, a time of added intensity and accelerated development.
Moon in Sagittarius near the South Node indicates our warrior nature is vibrant. We are committed to starting and we believe we can win. We are crusaders with a truth and are messengers for this truth. If we had been born with this signature, we would have conviction and willingness to fight for our cause, we would be the crusaders of religious wars or missionaries with fervent travel part of the plan. Fused planetary energies that modify this include opposing Venus, opposing Sun and squaring Mars and Neptune. Venus, retrograde and in Gemini contributes understanding that differing viewpoints only add dimension (or a point of reference to argue against to clarify our own beliefs). This Moon is stabilized and nuanced by these viewpoints and if able to include a broader perspective can be made wise, if seen in a Natal Chart, over a life. Retrograde Venus implicates a need to look beneath the surface, question and confirm any piece of information used for modification. This Venus understands that not only are their other viewpoints but they could provide the vital piece of information that allows full understanding. The questioning and doubting of information of this Venus is not only directed to the Moon in Sagittarius and will temper the ferocity of opinion, but also questions the supremacy of the Sun, the King. This Gemini Sun asks that we open to information, look for something that will help us understand our life, where to go and what to do. This Sun in Gemini is on edge so as not to miss the information that will clarify, that will helps us connect the data points, UNDERSTANDING what to do, what our life means and with that understanding show us how to act. Venus retrograde conjunct the Sun in Gemini demands that the information we use to draw conclusions be accurate and that we discriminate relative to this information, indiscriminate assimilation of the data could lead us astray.
Mars in Pisces conjuncts our friend Neptune in Pisces and adds to this Lunar Eclipse a veiling and a dose of either confusion or clarity depending on the attitude of the receiver. This signature asks that our references are global, interested in something more than the personal. It asks that the information we see as useful includes a mature view, not reductive and quick-fix oriented but emphasizes truth that has broad applicability. This Mars confronts our warrior Moon in its self-interest and beliefs. As I stated, the changes to a Soul over an incarnation, with this natal signature would be to become more aware and avoidant of dogmatic rose-colored glasses-approach and be blessed with a consciousness that understands reductive thinking about truth is not only not truthful but is harmful to all involved.
We must clearly see how this Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces squaring Sun and Moon signature brings with it an energy prone to confusion-there could be bad information, there could be misrepresentation and there could be scapegoating and misplaced anger as we are led astray relative to this misinformation. Please guard against lies. Guard against instinctive anger that clouds the intellect, guard against the magician-trick, sleight of hand: we must see both hands on the table at all times!
To close, Moon energy, what opens softens nourishes and enriches our life energy is important. Eclipse season, now, emphasizes nourishment of our Soul through defining our truth. We can clarify and be given the opportunity to define what is important and worthy of our attention. Please do this now! But with this prioritization of what we see as truthful, worth fighting for, we must be willing to modify our instinctive assumptions, be open to other viewpoints and keep the broader perspective in mind. Use the wisdom available to us at this time of alignment of these powerful energies. Be willing to look beneath the surface for another possibility and please be vigilant for deceptive truths. We can express our energy directly responding from our center with clarity or we erupt with anger because nothing is worse than disillusionment at being led astray.
With love and light, Suzy, 5/24/2020

The Full Moon April 7, 2020

We are pressured on a new path. This path requires us to see the bigger picture, it is not only about what the individual wants or needs. It is important to see each individual as a piece of a larger unit. We must do our part to start the new path and include information about what choices we make from those in a position of authority. The authority to follow are those who also understand that for each of us to win, we must realize how tied we all are to the good of the organism, to the good of the group. REALIZE, if one makes choices based on personal desires the goal will be lost. The leader to listen to will teach that going too far and too fast will not work. We must start a path based upon a history of success. If there is a leader with a plan based upon previous success, one with experience and a track record of success and validity, then follow that leader. With Capricorn Jupiter and Pluto conjunct squaring the Full Moon luminaries, there is a SOUL-SCAR regarding leadership. We have a distant memory at a soul level regarding leaders who have not made decisions that are based upon group success but have been based upon either faulty, self-invested interests or based upon choices that are not tested and valid. This time follow a leader who is worthy, consistent and making statements about the good of all and not the good of the few. Ask questions, confront those in power because if these leaders are those worthy of being followed, they will stand up to the questioning and will appreciate the confrontation because in this way they will be aligned with a path that approaches the best path.
We must all face our assumptions regarding leadership, test their validity, look to incoming and new information and compare this new information to past success. Act, stop and reflect, gather data from leaders but also from your own process, are you making choices that work? We must all stop assumptions, look to results in the present and change the plan based upon results that are working, succeeding in the moment.

New Moon March 24, 2020

The New Moon signature of Sun conjunct Moon in Aries, in a world where the reality of Coronavirus is rampant, tells a story. The story described is a fight, a fight against helplessness and vulnerability. We are emotional and pressured to act, to defend and to win. Further understanding about this fight can be achieved through the symbol of the planetary ruler of Aries, Mars, in Capricorn. This describes our tools: discipline, stamina to work to get to the goal and a vision of our moral path. The conjunction of Mars to Pluto and Jupiter creates intensity. Through this fight we will deal with loss and our deepest fears of inadequacy. We will experience crises but also be given the opportunity to realize phoenix-like regeneration of our faith. Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius describes the beginning. We analyze with impartial eyes our chances of winning and the contributors that will increase the odds of our success in winning the war. This skillset includes science and scientists. We must learn to use the data, the real facts that are uncovered and not believe those that speak or write from mis-truths that are not grounded in reality. Possibilities will not help, we must use the data, the facts and fact check. The several Capricorn planets and Saturn in Aquarius demand reliability.
Uranus in Taurus is squaring Saturn. We are pressured to act on this warrior path without seeing every point of view, without complete understanding. What we do know is we will gather information as we go and then must use what is uncovered in the moment so we do not repeat mistakes. We must uncover vested interests that spread unreliable information and we must revolutionize values and create a new system based upon valuing things that are about preservation rather than about might making right.
With the North Node in Cancer we must be where we are, grateful for the supports we have. We must start the cultivation of a value system based upon open hearts and connection. We must join together to support those less lucky or if you are struggling reach out for support. This is how we will get through this and use this time of chaos and fear to create more stability and realize regeneration of a system that no longer works to create a future that is better.

Full Moon March 9, 2020

The Full Moon chart for March 9, 2020 inspires us to consider our relationships. With the Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune and placed, as shown, on the first house cusp to emphasize the Sun process, we see our new mission at this time is to look to a greater whole than our individual ego. A Pisces Sun conjunct Neptune in its own sign and its own house puts quadruple emphasis on this archetype. Pisces and Neptune and the 12th house are water and mutable. Mutability is about global, we are interested in our place in the grand scheme. We are interested in how we fit into the bigger organism and see the individual as limited. The water element’s strength is in forming to any vessel, making ourselves accommodate. It engulfs us, filling every crevice, permeating and conforming. Over a life it erodes, changing the landscape and our Soul with its persistence. Mutable water is overwhelmingly accommodating and simultaneously in control. Have you ever tried to fight against an ocean current? it is nature at its most implacable. Part of the journey with Pisces is to learn that we are not in charge, we are here to adapt, to blend and to submit. The choice: to drown in the implacability or shape-shift, adept at swimming with, not against the current.
The Moon in Virgo on the cusp of the 7th house is fed through understanding the nuances of life. There is more to the story than lack of control and bending to the will of life’s flow. We are nourished by self-care, not every aspect of life is about our willingness to dissolve into the greater whole. We must also take care to support life through our efforts. We must not only give up our individual desires we must work, with conscious and with full understanding, to support those in our world. Detail consciousness, effort and healthy relationships will feed us and bring a more realistic understanding of our life.
Our relationships are further pressured to function with accuracy and efficiency. We need to support those around us seamlessly as we work to create health for our own life. In the symbol of Venus conjunct Uranus we must see a bigger picture than our own self-interest. This is challenging the Sun/Moon message of global and individual part in that whole. It is pressuring us to directly integrate the concept of taking care of myself, my life, my body, my possessions with what others need. We are aware of the needs of others in equal measure to our own and must contend with the paradoxes.
The stellium in Capricorn adds a deep undercurrent of the old juxtaposed with the new. It is the drumbeat of the old dictum of authority that no longer works. It is the force of time relinquishing control to a greater force, the force of life sweeping us into the current to uproot the old bringing with it the possibility of health, the possibility of seeing the needs of another and working to bring health to those around because that will create health for all. We are witness to the reasons we must work to bring in these changes. The old dictum of self first will bring anger, it will perpetuate a reality that speaks to doing what is right but in truth is only right for a minority. We must allow the undertow to bring in new leaders whose words are coincident with their life. Look to their actions, not just to their words. In this way, we will allow a future that is about health and function and not the old dictates of a system that is not working anymore.