Regal, self-assured and commanding, the lion’s characteristics gives us a starting point for this astrological archetype. Those who propagate stereotypes would have us believe this potential is limited to those with Leo as their Sun sign. I would confront this; another facet of this archetype is the Sun and its expression in the natal chart and without a doubt, we all have a Sun Sign.

Sun expression in the chart is the filter for whatever we create our life to be. It is the “why” of our life. Why do we get out of bed (or fail to get out of bed) in the morning? Why have we chosen the life we are or will live? The answers to these questions can be found in the placement of the natal Sun. It is our purpose and our contract with life. Upon the first breath, it is the agreement we made at a soul level in exchange for incarnation, what we are indebted to give to others; it is the joy and creative spark we give to ourselves, grounding us in who we are.

The fire signs are connected in process. Aries, First House and Mars in our charts shows the original initiation of incarnation. It is our fight against being subsumed into the whole of humanity. In the wave we are individual, and when that wave collapses back into the ocean, the singular disappears, and we are one. The fear of the Aries Archetype is that what we do as an individual will not matter and the power of this energy is the perpetual will, despite potential loss, to continue the fight. The second Fire Sign is Leo, Fifth House and the Sun and the featured energy of this piece. This is the solid, tangible expression of the fight. It may not be a material object, but it is a “noun”: a performance, a written work, a visual art piece, children. It is what we leave behind and represents our time as an individual on earth. It is our legacy. The final Fire Sign is Sagittarius, Ninth House and Jupiter in our charts. If Aries Archetype is the initiation of our fight and the Sun is the actual gift that we give then Sagittarius Archetype is how we spread our gift to others. It is the manner of and belief in the importance of our legacy. We become more than a human; we are God-like if this energy is actualized. 

The Sun archetype represents our purpose and connects us with our own vitality. If not actualized, the negative expression of this energy can be jealousy, self-importance and scene stealing. In this there are some of the characteristics of performance, however it lacks heart and kindness and humanity: the best characteristics of the archetype. You can have Leo archetype prominently figured in working with children, working in any profession that’s mission is the prolongation of life or any performer or creativity-driven individual who strives for their vision to be made a reality.

The Leo Archetype begs us to be fierce in artistic vision, be above petty self -interest and be true to the lion: be kind, generous and open hearted and you will certainly pay your karmic debt for this incarnation.