Virgo can be discerning, humble, intelligent, and hardworking. In Virgo they identify the shortcomings and work to do a better job. They are good at knowing what to do and what needs to be fixed and so can be the leader of a project. They can also be the sweep up guys, completing the work into a final whole. 

There is some story here, to me, about past lifetimes of leaving something incomplete or maybe not completed to the best of our ability. They are now, consequently, learning about process, discernment, and methodical strategizing to produce something of worth. There is an interplay between the parts and the sum vs the sum and the parts. With the past life subconscious memories ongoing, they can become hyper focused on this process. THIS is how there is a flip-flop in this process of accomplishment. The focus on completion, on the quality of product can make them over-stressed, self-conscious, and overcome with “fight, fright or freeze” which is also known as The Sympathetic Nervous System. In this they are afraid:  afraid of failure, fear of taking the first step because it is impossible to measure up to their own expectations. It is better to not start than to fail.  The past-life karmic memories are overwhelming.

With Virgo, Mercury, 6th House-signatures prominently placed in a chart there is a good chance there is a tendency to this Sympathetic Nervous System overdrive. Physical symptoms can include panic, anxiety, chest pain without actual heart involvement, rapid breathing, headaches, abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhea. These souls can be their own worst enemy, attracting others who are likely to be just the opposite, overly confident. This can create an obvious imbalance where the Virgo type (and both can be Virgo and flip-flop roles) is criticized, possibly near abuse levels. At a core level, this is a lifetime where it is an imperative need to learn to stand up for themselves, love themselves, stop the cycle of self-abuse.

Once these folks can love themself everything changes. They will produce things of amazing luminosity, amazing quality. There will be the essence of spirit in form. They will have stepped back from their precipice of self-hatred and become the expression of love.