Your precise moment of birth is special. It represents you — your mind, body, spirit and soul. Through this information, I can identify talents to enrich your life and identify instinctive assumptions and behaviors that are keeping you from your best life. This is the power of Evolutionary Astrology. We are given free will as our birthright. Through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology, we can identify your soul’s past and possible best future and activate your will through knowledge to realize your joy.

Evolutionary Astrology

The cycles of the planets have a profound resonance with our lives. Through identifying the positions of planets, sun and moon at the time of birth, we can understand previous choices our soul has made over lifetimes. This knowledge allows a clear discussion about our present life. Through understanding the ‘why’ of our choices in this lifetime we can discuss both amazing talents to maximize and deeply rooted insecurities and fears that are holding us back. The purpose is to realize for each of us our greatest potential.


My name is Suzy Holbrook. I’ve been on a quest for my truth as a healer. In my youth, I thought the most effective healing would come through the established medical community. I studied allopathic western medicine and received my medical degree in 1990 and completed my pediatric residency in 1993. As I have practiced medicine, I have found that there can be realized profound healing as long as the intent is sincere. However, for me this healing has been incomplete. I studied Functional Medicine and found further clarification of the western medical model. I studied Evolutionary Astrology with Jeffrey Wolf Green, graduating from his Pluto School in 2002. This model of the soul brought to me a tool that changed my life. Through the voice of Evolutionary Astrology the actual soul lessons can be identified. This took me to a new understanding of healing. I completed Maurice Fernandez’s The Complete Course in 2017 and it was amazing. His brilliant teaching has been instrumental in furthering my understanding of astrology. The insights and processes allowed through a synthesis of western medicine, Functional Medicine and Evolutionary Astrology are transformative if approached with a sincere desire to heal the soul.


I offer natal chart interpretation guidance for all ages. You can ask about your personal development, relationship dynamics, vocation orientation, or gain clarity about any concern that you are faced with.
The consultation includes a look at the upcoming cycles of your chart (astrology transits) and guidance for the months ahead.

My fee is $200.00 $125 for an hour consultation. (-$75 Covid-19 discount)

Please pay the fee through PayPal and I will contact you to schedule a consultation.

Although I am a medical doctor, astrological advice should not be considered diagnosis or treatment for any medical condition. Please consult your primary care physician regarding any medical concerns.