The Archetype of Aquarius, 11th House and Uranus

All the Archetypes are an expression of a polarity. The Leo and the Aquarius Archetypes represent a polarity. We gain clarity by the comparison of one extreme vs another. With Leo, I wrote previously about creativity, love of life and the father principle. In comparison, Aquarius takes us from the actor in Leo to the observer. We observe situations to gain clarity and to achieve more understanding. Aquarius shares the fixed modality with Leo. There is tremendous mastery available but this time instead of the creative impulse and the deep involvement with the creative self as seen in Leo there is mastery on the mental plane. Because Aquarius is an air sign there is great intellectual ability. Air allows fluidity and exchange however with a fixed air sign, Aquarius, the intangible is given structure and form. With Aquarius there is a gift of understanding in the realm of the intellect. With this archetype we are pressured to give form to our thoughts and to our intellectual creations. Through objectivity and mental clarity we are empowered with understanding. It is arguable that the intellect is truly what makes us human and therefore,  with Aquarius, we realize humanity’s highest achievement.

The symbol of Aquarius is that of the Waterbearer. This symbol looks to be a god pouring down his gift of spiritual water, knowledge, from the heavens to those of us on the physical plane. This represents the Aquarian karmic inheritance to bring knowledge into form but his true mission is not to simply gain knowledge, the true mission is to pass along this knowledge for the improvement of civilization. All Aquarians are bearers of enlightenment.

Aquarius requires emotional distance to understand the big picture as opposed to the Leo quality of familiarity and warmth of emotion. Too much partisanship destroys the truth. This distancing, in a negative manner, can lead to a tendency for a separation of mind and emotion. There can be a tendency to fall away from the views of their family of birth. These Aquarian types may prefer groups of friends over family ties. Friends chosen on their beliefs provide a source of reference for these types; there is the potential for strength through many minds working together.

Keywords associated with Aquarius include:

Mental clarity and creativity, higher consciousness, instantaneous awareness

Scientific ability


Objectivity beyond personal attachments

Using the mind to upgrade the minimum standard, progress, bringers of enlightenment

The witness

Groups of friends

Non-biological, sarcasm, criticism, fear of humiliation

Trauma and subsequent frozen emotions in either this lifetime or a previous

The ankles, the brain and the nerves carrying electrical currents and the synapses, lungs (rules with Gemini) and the blood vessels and blood pressure co ruler of the circulatory system with Leo that rules the heart.



Two natal chart examples that show strongly Uranian signatures include Thomas Edison and Bobby Jindal. Thomas Edison was a prolific inventor. He was responsible for the incandescent bulb and was responsible for the use of electricity in daily life. He was the founder of the first research and development laboratory that had as its goal the research and implementation of any invention. We can see that his entire life was Aquarian: Aquarius represents electricity, invention and any scientific inquiry. Edison’s chart features 3 planets in Aquarius including the Sun and Mercury and Neptune and another body called the North Node of the Moon also is in the 11th House, another Uranian signature.

Bobby Jindal is the former Governor of Louisiana who distinguishes himself through a rare brilliance of mind. He used this to advance healthcare and government policy through systems analysis. He graduated with a dual major: Biology and Public Policy in 1992 at 20 years of age. He was accepted to both Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School however chose to study at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He graduated from Oxford with an emphasis in healthcare finance.

He was introduced to the Governor of Louisana and was called a rare genius by the governor. He was able to turn a 400 million dollar deficit into a 220 million dollar surplus. Jindal became the Governor of Louisiana in 2008-2016. During his time as governor, Louisiana rose to 3rd in the nation in healthcare screenings to care for children and provided expanded services for elderly and disabled.

Jindal has North Node of the Moon conjunct Mars both in Aquarius and Uranus in the 1st House. This biographical sketch portrays in several ways the Aquarian Archetype. His brilliance of intellect is obvious as is a talent for detached analysis and ability to see a clear solution for improvement. Another important Aquarian trait is the desire to raise the standard. Aquarians at their best, seek to raise the minimum standard for all regardless of race, gender or wealth.

The Archetype of Leo, Sun and the 5th House

The Archetypes of the Zodiac allow a symbolic vocabulary. The interpretation of these symbols describes a Soul.

For clarity, whenever I write Leo I mean to include the Sun, Leo planets and the 5th house. Leo is a fixed fire sign. Fixed signs are about intensity of purpose, mastery, getting it done. There is an unstoppable element in them, they are here to produce results. The fire signs are about enthusiasm, about fast out of the gate and bursts of energy and teaches us to take charge of your life, you are here to create your life.

The synthesis of these encapsulates Leo. It is the astrological symbol of lasting creativity.

Creativity is a word that has a different meaning for every one of us. On a basic level, I would say creativity connects us to who we really are. The creating of something that is supremely you, that you go to bed in love with and wake up in love with, gets you out of bed at 5 am to start and keeps you up until 3 am to finish, is the experience of this creative energy. Let’s carry this example a bit further. Let’s say you are writing a fiction novel. Through bringing out the characters in the novel you become caught up in the drama of the lives of the characters. This is a birthing, a creative offspring. This writer requires self-confidence, self-focus, interest in the people being created, flare for the immediacy of the drama and an intense love that sustains all the other traits. If there is not love of the creation and the creative process itself, because Leo is very much about not only the creation but the process itself, there will not be the will needed to bring the story to completion. The path to creativity is very difficult and will not be sustained without love.

If we look closer at the above paragraph we can find some “keywords” that will give us a snapshot of this Leo energy. This will help us to encapsulate this and allow quick recall when we look at these symbols in a complex astrological chart.

Leo Keywords:

A connection to who we are and why we are here

What gets us out of bed in the morning

Self-confidence, extreme will

Drama, performance and performer


Creations, children, procreation, carrying on the lineage


Father and the principle of the masculine



The heart as an organ.


With this introduction to Leo, we can look at how these keywords are used to interpret an astrological chart.


Take Sun in the 5th house in Leo. This archetype is a triple signature: Sun and Leo and 5th house! This individual would be all these characteristics in pure form, a very strongly Leo personality. The entire life’s purpose must be, to be true to their karmic inheritance, about these issues; creativity, carrying on the lineage, father, the expression of love of life. There may be an emphasis on the actual heart throughout the life as well. Here are two charts that illustrate this concept, both have Sun in the sign of Leo and in the 5th house.

Louise Bogan is a woman who quickly became known as a leader in the poetry circles of her day. She held the position of editor of poetry for The New Yorker for nearly 40 years. She was known for her outspoken manner, her relentless pursuit of her own identity. She refused to be limited in her creative voice based upon the role women were assigned within the society of her birth. To give a sense of her fight with the standard female role of her time she once stated that in her own poetry the women expressed a “locus of intemperate, dangerous and antisocial desires”. This illustrates an important point regarding this energy strongly featured in a women’s chart: if she is not able to express it positively (which is likely coming from centuries of patriarchal dominance and submission of women) it will rage, it will not be contained. Negative expression will certainly be chosen over no expression and anything she views as keeping her from this creativity is destroyed. In the age of the patriarchal belief that women’s creativity is to bear and rear children, these women can view their own femininity as a detriment to their creativity because they are not allowed to be creative on their own terms and may view the role of mother and childbearing as imprisonment. An important teaching point to be made is that there can be positive and negative expressions of any archetype in astrology and likely both expressions simultaneously. The process of growth in the present lifetime is to transform negative expression into positive expression as judged not by the society but by an absolute standard of right and wrong and is symbolized by the archetype of Capricorn, 10th House and Saturn. Another important point is that these archetypes function on many levels and represent a continuation of this transformation of energy from previous lifetimes.

Bindi Irwin is a young woman who is known for continuing her father’s job as explorer and animal conservationist. She stepped into this role after her father, Steven Irwin, was killed during a “shoot” for one of his adventure shows when a stingray punctured his heart. This is another expression of the Leo energy; her entire purpose became the continuation of the life started by her father. She is on a mission to complete his dream. Very poignant and symbolic that her father died of a wound to the heart! Interestingly, Louise Bogan died of a heart attack, another illustration of this archetypal energy.

Astrology-The Basics

An astrology chart is a map of the past and future of a soul. It describes past and present incarnations.

There are 3 main elements of an astrological chart, the Planets with the Sun and the Moon numbering 10, the Signs of the Zodiac numbering 12 and the Houses also numbering 12. It seems like a lot but the good news is that you only need to learn 12 archetypes to master all 34 of these symbols.

The 12 archetypes are the following:

Aries, Mars and the 1st House

Taurus, Venus and the 2nd House

Gemini, Mercury and the 3rd House

Cancer, the Moon and the 4th House

Leo, the Sun and the 5th House

Virgo, Mercury and the 6th House

Libra, Venus and the 7th House

Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th House

Sagittarius, Jupiter and the 9th House

Capricorn, Saturn and the 10th House

Aquarius, Uranus and the 11th House

Pisces, Neptune and the 12th House.

The convention when reading an astrological chart is that the 1st House starts, as if reading the face of a clock, at the 9:00 area (see the image above, labelled I) and moves around counterclockwise with each of the Houses taking up 30 degrees (of course there is 360 degrees all the way around and 12 Houses so each House is 30 degrees). The archetypal zodiac wheel will have Aries on the start of the 1st House which is also called the cusp. The rest of the Houses are numbered counterclockwise. When we look at a chart of a person we may see any of the Signs of the Zodiac on the cusp of the 1st House (called the Ascendant, AC above) and then the other houses start with the next sign going sequentially in order. For example, if there is Scorpio on the cusp of the 1st House then the Sign on the 2nd House will by Sagittarius and the Sign on the 3rd House will be Capricorn and so on. The time and place of birth determine what sign is on the cusp of the 1st House because it is the constellation situated on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth.

The interpretation of an astrological chart is made simple because if you understand the 12 Archetypes of the Zodiac then all you need to learn to do is to blend one archetype with another. We will work on this over time. For example, if you are looking at a chart and see there is Mercury in the 5th House you will blend the Archetypes of Gemini (Mercury) with that of Leo (5th House).

There is a 4th layer to interpretation because the positions of the Planets are not acting alone, they are in a relationship to the other Planets and just like anything, the context is important. If there is, to carry on the example above, Mercury in the 5th house situated right next to Venus there would be an influence and blending of the expression of both Mercury and Venus each being changed by the Archetype of the other.

Not too complicated, right? We will next begin to understand this process through discussing each Archetype in turn. Stay tuned!


Eclipse Season and Effects on the Body

We are not only affected on an emotional, energetic, spiritual level from planetary energies, we are also affected in our physical body. With the huge amounts of energy available to us and surrounding us during an eclipse, I would like to take this opportunity to suggest what some of these effects could be and provide help during this time for a healthy eclipse season.

Shining down on us are the influences of Leo, Sun. There is a double signature across the Leo archetype and so must be discussed. The Sun is the ruler of the heart. It represents our life force, our vitality and will to live. So, during this time we could be at risk for heart attack, or some other illness that simply effects our vitality. With Mars conjunct the Sun, we are at risk for inflammation related to the heart, again highlighting heart attacks. Help can come through moderation in the diet because heart attacks are a full-stomach event. We know that what we eat can either increase our decrease our risk for heart attacks. If we eat a lot of food, more than we need, this leads over time to stiffening of the vessels and this can increase blood pressure and increase the work of the heart. It causes weight gain which increases the work of the heart directly. It causes activation of the immune system and this causes inflammation that worsens clogs in the arteries of the heart and again leads directly to heart attacks. The antidote as much as is in our control, is mindful eating; eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables helps to decrease calories and also directly works by providing antioxidants that are protective for the heart. We know that much of the cause of heart attacks is inflammation and antioxidants are directly healing for this. We can also take supplements such as curcumin, omega 3 fatty acids, ( fish oil) and vitamin D to provide help for our heart.
The Moon is in the sign of Aquarius which corresponds to the brain. We are at risk for strokes under the influence of Aquarius. Look to the remedies for the heart to protect yourself from strokes as well.
The Moon symbolizes our emotional digestion, how we integrate the events of our life, it also rules our stomach and the mundane manner of digestion of our food. The strong Mars this season and in aspect to the Moon can influence our temper, leading to overabundant acid secretion. Protection from acidity conditions such as ulcers and simple indigestion can be helped through, again, mindful eating and through herbs that coat the stomach such as Mallow. Under-acidity conditions in the stomach also could be important to prevent. With Neptune in aspect to Mars ( lunar eclipse, it is inconjunct) this could cause too little acid and poor digestive ability. If you notice that you are bloated or gassy you could be suffering from lack of acid and too little digestion of the food you eat. This can be treated through supplementation with digestive enzymes with or without betaine HCL. This can help alleviate gas pain from underproduction of acid or underproduction of other digestive enzymes.
Finally, watch out for Mars-related stress induced conditions. Adrenaline is the hormone largely responsible for the stress response. This response is quite necessary in the event of a dinosaur attack! Luckily, most of us do not contend with these routinely. When we allow stress in, we run the risk of diseases related to the persistent effects of adrenaline. We can help ourselves by taking a break! Exercising, choosing to take time away to enjoy our lives is key. Herbs that can help with the effects of stress include ginseng and rhodiola and decreasing your caffeine intake will help for sure!
We love our eclipse season and the wonder we experience by living in a universe filled with meaningful planetary cycles. Don’t forget to use this information to care for and prevent damage to your body! Gratefully we can tap into the knowledge gained from the planetary cycles to prevent illness and to heal.

Eclipse Season, August 2017

To get a deeper understanding of how to use this eclipse season (essentially the month of August) to your advantage, let’s look at what happens in the sky. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon loses the light of the Sun because the earth blocks the Sun’s rays from falling on the moon. Imagine the 3 bodies in a row with the Earth in the center. As these three bodies line up it acts like a 3-number combination lock clicking into place. This opens energetic portals and HUGE amounts of energy are available to us. This is especially strong when we have planets or other important astrological points on the degree of the Sun and Moon at the time of the eclipse.

The signs of the zodiac highlighted this August will be Aquarius and Leo. They describe a continuum with pure Aquarius expression on one extreme and pure Leo on the other. Aquarius represents mental creativity highlighting objectivity and other intellectual functions to improve your life. Leo represents your joyful, playful creativity that you express in your life to connect to your passion.

The lunar eclipse on August 7th will occur with the Moon in Aquarius. This allows a deep connection to be made between how you feel and how you create. You will feel more rational, objective and removed from emotion. The connection of Aquarius and the Moon allows a synthesis in mind and emotion. A rare opportunity to think how we feel and feel how we think! This will allow keen understanding of how your creativity has been blocked or how you have departed from your connection to inspiration and joy.

There is an opportunity during the two weeks between the two eclipses, August 7th through August 21st; at this time, you will be allowed perspective on your life! Take this time to form a new connection to yourself and bring out who you want to be! This process of evaluation will put you in a good place to bring out the potential energy of the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. As an example, say you are creating your life through landscaping. Perhaps you have been experiencing frustration in this, somehow the result is not matching the vision. At this time, you will be gifted with a birds-eye-view and can identify why the manifestation falls short of the vision.

August 21st will be the climax, the solar eclipse. This event happens because the light of the Sun as seen on the Earth is blocked due to the Moon moving between the Sun and Earth. This wide-open portal caused by the alignment of these 3 bodies then amplifies the fused Sun/Moon in Leo energy of creativity in your life. There is a huge focus on becoming the best of your birth potential and what you have been brought to this planet to create. So, to further the image started above, if you have Sun in Taurus and perhaps create gardens as your special gift, you could open yourself to the Lunar phase and be gifted with clarity as to why you have not been energized by your creations then, after the 21st of the month, after the solar eclipse, allow your joy to guide you with the new-found realizations from the lunar phase. The big question is who and what do you want to be and create? We all are on this planet to realize our gifts as shown in the natal chart by the Sun! This time is an opportunity! Resonate with the joy of your Sun.