The Archetype of Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th House

This Archetype is Fixed Water. Interesting that this description brings ice to mind because it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Scorpio archetype figured strongly in a chart may come across as cool and distant initially, this is not because they are analytical and detached, that describes the Fixed Air Archetype of Aquarius. Scorpios cultivate this cool persona because they are getting a lay of the land before they give any of their secrets away. Scorpio usually has learned the hard way through their life that there is a possibility of danger; there is a dark side and trust is a precious gift they only give when it is earned. If you were to see the true nature of this sort they are emotional. They live in their emotions and react from this place. They are very intuitive because of this. You can rationalize with the intellect, but those who react emotionally are IN IT, they cannot lie. Fixed Water people are determined. They know what they want and are passionate about it. They are here to make manifest and produce and these folks can succeed. The force of the emotions can drive them without sleep or food, if they decide it is worth doing, they will get it done. Scorpio types are described as ruthless, this is the other side to this quality. The positive expression is faithful, devoted and honest, anything less is not worthy of their energy.

An important facet of this archetype is that they understand that emotions are the interface of our evolution. They are about the unadulterated truth because anything less than this is a waste of time. They are on the planet to evolve their soul. This is true for all but these folks’ mission is to push their limits, they know there is so much more than where they are at any given point and do not rest until they are closer to their highest potential.  

Scorpio types feel so acutely their emotions that if they are not able to achieve some measure of success they can manipulate, use others and betray to achieve some degree of power. With this strong drive there must be a guiding light or it can be misused.

The symbols of the Scorpio Archetype are the Scorpion and the Phoenix. These symbols represent the degree to which these folks direct their formidable energy into a constructive channel. The Scorpion represents the stinger, the use of their power solely to keep themselves invulnerable, fearful of allowing any sign of weakness. They are so IN IT, in their own place of lack of their potential that they do not want anybody to see how far from their highest self they are. They protect their weakness and in this way never allow others in. This perpetuates their vulnerability because another important point with this archetype is they must OPEN EMOTIONALLY to another to reach their potential. Scorpio is not truly about many partners, it is about a single true connection with another. If the relationship is about mutual growth they will never seek another mate. This bonding allows movement of energy in the root, helping these folks connect with their own Soul through another. It helps them calm down. The Phoenix represents the way these types continually evolve, burning through desires, outgrowing and releasing as easily as some take out the trash. This is the true strength of this Archetype, the power to annihilate parts of themselves that are no longer serving their higher purpose. This is another manifestation of their ruthlessness but in this instance it is perfectly serving the light.

Keywords for the Scorpio Archetype:

Emotional Power, Money



Destruction to create a better form




Represents the Sexual Organs-testes and ovaries and processes of enzymatic change and mutation such as of the DNA.

Spiro Agnew is a good example of this archetype. With his Sun and Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in the 8th House he felt keenly his own powerlessness and was forced to resigns from Vice Presidential office due to tax evasion, financial misconduct and accepting bribes.

Umberto Agnelli was the youngest child of Edoardo Agnelli and the grandson of Giovanni who started the Fiat car company. He had Sun and Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio with Moon conjunct the Nodal axis in Leo and conjunct Pluto and squaring the Scorpio planets. He was an example of powerlessness in that in spite of his massive wealth he was powerless to belong to a family. Both his parents were dead by the time he was 11 years old. His chart indicates he felt the loss of his parents intensely and much of his energy was to gain a more secure emotional foundation.

The Archetype of Aries, Mars and the First House

Aries is known to be the God of War. This gives us a gut feeling about the meaning in the birth chart. The deep significance of Aries; the need in each of us to fight. The question for each of us and is signified by Mars in our natal chart, what are we karmically destined to fight for? Where have we been pushed down and suppressed, where have we been the victim or experienced injustice? In this incarnation we can no longer grow on a soul level until we FIGHT, we RAGE, we simply cannot sit back and be passive, this is Mars.

Aries follows Pisces in the Natural Zodiac. Pisces, 12th house and Neptune in our natal chart shows, on one level, where we have felt powerlessness, been victimized and helpless. The First House shows this instinctive anger and response to this memory of victimization. We must feel our anger in to grow past what we have been. We must act and respond to this feeling of powerlessness and assert ourselves. In this incarnation this energy for each of us is seen in our natal placement of Mars, the Sign on the First House cusp and in any Planets in Aries in our chart.

The symbol of Aries is the RAM. This image is visceral for this archetype. Imagine the bend to the neck and the forward momentum to this animal. Head first, strong in will and body no obstacle is stronger.

Aries energy is instinctive, uncontrollable and raw. It is the rodeo horse ride, wild and fierce. Aries is represented by the Element of Fire and is Cardinal. Fire is the spark, the ignition, the passion. We have energy to use for a process. With cardinal, we start but because the process is new, we freak out. We are inspired to react against where we have been, start a new direction but then we are not sure where we go after the first step and may go back to where we started out of security needs. This then makes us feel frustrated and we react against our fear and take 2 steps further than where we initially jumped. And this is the Aries process, erratic and emotional but will move us forward.

Our desires in this life are represented by this archetype. Think of what you want and how you get it in this life, this is also Mars. Mars takes you on a direction; it becomes the direction of your life.

Keywords for Aries Archetype:

Pioneer, Fight

Instinct, Impulse

Anger, Rage


Desire, Sexuality

In the Body: The Skull, Generally the Head, the Penis, Red Blood Cells, Male hormones.

Albert 1 of Belgium is a good example of this archetype. He had Jupiter and South Node of the Moon in the 1st House and Sun in Aries and a prominent Mars. He was King of Belgium at the time of WW1. He personally fought at the front during this war for 4 years, leading his troops to a victory.

Hugo Chavez had Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus in the 1st house and is another good example of this archetype. He was a Venezuelan politician and revolutionary.

Jupiter Moves Into Scorpio

Happy Autumn! Here is a link to an article, “The Medical Astrological Significance of Jupiter” I wrote for the Fall Equinox Edition 2017 of The Career Astrologer.

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  Jupiter ingresses into Scorpio October 10, 2017 until November 8, 2018.

A few thoughts on Jupiter as a background. Over the past 12 months or so Jupiter has been in Libra. There has been a lot of struggle with issues related to fairness, to the other and the opposite. With Uranus in opposition to this Jupiter there has been an emphasis on the need to break free from our rote manner of accepting the status quo. The question has been “What do I believe? What am I going to do about it?”. At times there has been too militant a stance, too far from center which is just as Libra does to understand the options. At its best Jupiter has forced us out of our comfort zone and into a place of discomfort but a discomfort that if we are to trust our own philosophy is necessary to grow, Jupiter.

We have been in the Air element of Libra where the possibilities for expansion and where our beliefs were put to the test was ideological and powerful enough to rally a movement for equality and progress of the common man. We took to the streets in protest!


Now with Jupiter in Scorpio we are pulled into the water element. We are being granted the opportunity for expansion into our own depths. For some this is like water on the flame, uncomfortable and fought against. For others it is a time of renewal, a time of regeneration. Scorpio is Fixed and Water. There is the need to go down deep and master it. You cannot avoid the process. The outcome is purification of the beliefs a life is built upon. It could be there has been avoidance of an issue that will come to the surface. Life will not ever be the same. Scorpio processes will root out the decay and through pain become brilliant. The Desire of the Soul is to grow and this is the transit to experience SOUL-GROWTH.

With Jupiter in Scorpio from October 2107 through November 2018 use this opportunity. I suggest getting your own natal chart and look to see which House of the Zodiac  Jupiter will be moving through. During the next 13 months you will be given the gift of Jupiterian expansion in the emotional body. If you embrace this process, descend and explore where you are wounded. In this area, represented by Jupiter’s transit, you could make great steps toward healing. This process will bring true SOUL change and will be something that will stick through this incarnation. LOVE YOURSELF.

Archetype of Libra, Venus and the Seventh House

Libra is described by the element of air and is a cardinal modality. The air signs are characterized by a sensitivity to distribution, balance and proportion. There is an understanding that it is not only about their own reality but about where we fit relative to others. Libran folks understand the importance of context. I previously described Aquarians, another air sign, as having a gift with analysis. The context is understood through objectification and mental clarity. It is through the Aquarius archetype that we understand the inner structure and use this for improvement. Libra is similar in that there is a talent for mental distancing and detachment; they see both sides of anything. We all learn through comparison. Parents realize very early to capitalize on giving choices to expedite a child’s compliance: would you like oatmeal or eggs for breakfast. This is habitual, and the saying everything is relative is true. For Libra archetypes there is a sensitivity to this issue. These folks are torn in a world of options, there is always another choice, another point of view, another reality.

There is an endearing openness to others, a fairness and broadness of spirit but if mishandled, promises are not kept; another offer was better and they didn’t show. There can be a tendency to be so fair and open minded they lose their own center. In a revolving world of opinion their center and self can get displaced causing loss of face; they can acquire a reputation for falsehood.

The symbol for Libra is the Scales. The association with symmetry, balance, fairness, justice, equality is evident and is valid. My impression is that those who carry this archetype prominently in their charts very often come in with the emphasis for balance because they have a karma of the opposite. When Libra is seen in a chart there is a need to find their own middle ground and this usually involves going to extremes in the process. Many Librans come in to a family who are quite partisan and partisan in a way that these folks do not resonate with. This pushes these types to first react against what they experienced in childhood. To them, there is a lack of representation of the entire picture, they see where there is a lack of balance. Librans frequently join the opposite camp as a part of achieving their own center.

Classically Libra represents relationships. The balance and importance of what we give and what we need to be complete takes center stage. The lack is the starting place of Libran personalities. The lack gives rise to the perpetual search for the other (substitute whatever noun is relevant) mate, brand of coffee, pair of jeans, philosophical point of view…. There can be an intense restlessness to this archetype.

Keywords for Libra:

Out of balance until there is Balance, Fairness and Impartiality



Argumentative until they come to their Center

The Other Viewpoint, Spy

Political, Open Minded

In the Body-Kidneys, Inner Ear, Hearing, Balance and Equilibrium.

An interesting representative of this archetype is Divine. She is a drag queen who was raised in an upper-middle class family in Baltimore Maryland. Divine was obese and couldn’t fit in at high school where he was mercilessly bullied. Through a childhood friend, John Waters, both aided the others rise to fame. He had Sun, Venus and Mercury and Jupiter in Libra. Divine typifies the sensitivity to the lack of balance, the need to look for a more complete truth than the family in which he was raised. He suffered from depression and terrible mood swings, again showing the lack of balance that can be seen in the archetype.

Samuel Adams also has a dominance of Libra. He had Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus in Libra and North Node in the 7th House-the Libran House. He was a Founding Father of the United States of America. He was the Founder of the Sons of Liberty and was instrumental in the fight against the injustices of British Rule.

The Archetype of Pisces, Neptune and the 12th House

I wrote previously about Virgo and the archetypic need for something tangible as a manifestation of doing our part in service to the whole, the lesson is that things will not happen without our effort. In comparison, with Pisces there is an understanding of the possibility of Grace at every moment of every day without any effort whatsoever, we are always already there.

The Pisces archetype is mutable and its element is water. Fluid, transforming, emotional and internalizing, attaching and intimate are some adjectives that describe water signs. With the water signs we learn to process, in fact, must process to bring to fruition this element. Mutability is about globalization, touching many, bringing the pieces together and working interdependently. The combination that is Pisces, Water and Mutable, describe, at least on the surface, a paradox.

For example, how would a Pisces Sun function? The meaning and creative purpose of these folks is to connect with and feel (water) but not so much about their home and family (Cancer) or their limitations and fears (Scorpio), they connect with their own personal limitlessness. They understand we are all at once small and very immense. We are a discrete person but a part of a vastness that is immeasurable. It makes all of us small and large, of little importance and immensely important. You get the picture. This can be quite confusing for the Piscean types. In the best expression these folks are flexible, see life as an open proposition, do not get into the little stuff because their eyes do not see the bits and pieces, they are into the global picture. On the negative side, they can lose themselves. Life becomes about the big picture. They may lose themselves in saving the whales or writing poetry. They might stay out running-with the “runner’s high” for hours on end enriched through subsuming their personal ego for a larger cause; however, it can, over a lifetime, give rise to loss of personal attention. To live productively there must be a balance which means some attention to detail. We must take a shower and eat food or we will not be healthy. We must give attention to others in our life, our significant other may not do well without some personal attention, another detail. It can be chaotic to live without the appropriate attention to our lives and this cannot be sustained indefinitely.

The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming head to tail. This encapsulates the paradox, the duality intrinsic to this archetype. There is longing for one, to lose themselves in the greater singular truth but we are in a body on this planet. We are not all one, we have an individual body and ultimately live a singular existence. This reality is painful to this type. The two fish will never be one and will never catch the other, forever isolated. The best we can do is to maintain our innocence and trust in the face of reality. The mission of Pisces is to continue to believe in the possibility of redemption in the face of imperfection and pain.

Keywords for Pisces include:

The big picture, life as a whole


Simplicity, Innocence, Trust

Perfect as it is, raw beauty, nature, Truth

Intoxication, Sleep, Spacey



In the Body: the Immune System, lymphatics, thymus, pineal gland and lack of vitality in general.


An example of this archetype is Mohandas Gandhi. His natal chart shows Sun in the 12th house which rules the North Node and represents his spiritual future and in opposition to Neptune, a double signature for the Pisces archetype. He also has a prominent Neptune that is driving the energy of much of the chart. He represented this energy well. He was a symbol of Indian nationalism against British rule. His goal was independence, a global goal. His personal identity was subsumed in this cause. He did not worry himself with the details and this engendered enemies, one of whom assassinated him.

Another fascinating Piscean personality is Ted Kennedy, brother of John and Robert Kennedy. He has Sun in Pisces and his North Node in Pisces. He also had his Moon in conjunction to Neptune tightly. He represents this archetype by the lack of emotional connectedness that his life was. He was a public figure for over 40 years, working on behalf of liberalism. His public persona, that of a brother to two of the most famous public figures and most famous victims of this country can also be seen in this symbolism. He himself was less important than this persona. Interesting to note Mercury (the symbol for his brothers) is conjunct that Pisces Sun. This shows symbolically the fusion of the brothers and his life’s purpose. He died of a brain tumor which can be seen symbolically by that same set of symbols, Mercury-brain and Pisces representing lack of immunity and susceptibility to the ill-health, the cancer.

Maurice Fernandez, my teacher and mentor has written a lot regarding Neptune and his book, Neptune: The End of Hope, The Beginning of Truth is an essential read for this archetype.

Incarnation and Evolution

The astrological wheel is the representation of the constellations in the sky. The path of the Sun in the sky describes the ecliptic. It is along the ecliptic the constellations of the Zodiac reside. These constellations make up the zodiac and describe the archetypes that symbolize our process when incarnated on earth. The Natal Chart is a picture of the positions of the constellations at the moment of your birth and gives a framework to interpret the symbols of the zodiac as they relate to an individual incarnation.

Particularly eloquent is the interpretation of the points of contact between the sky and the earth-the horizon and the highest point and lowest point of the Sun relative to the earth at the time of your birth.  These details, the horizontal and vertical lines dividing the chart, represent the skeleton of your personality and was caught as a moment in time that symbolizes your soul. Imagine the ongoing nature of time, past and future without definition. With your birth, you describe a discrete moment in time, fixed for this incarnation by your emergence, the connection to the physical plane.

This structure describes the present personality. The soul has chosen this personality as a vehicle to process experiences both good and bad.

The soul is a timeless force we each carry through lifetimes. The intention through incarnating into form over lifetimes is to gain feedback on our choices. This feedback, if successfully integrated over time, evolves our soul.

Our personality is the vehicle we are using in this lifetime. The personality will lead to interaction with the environment. This is the cauldron of alchemical transformation caused by the pressure of incarnation.  It is this interaction with the environment through the individual likes and dislikes, instinctive desires, thoughts, creative aspirations, feelings of inadequacy, anger, fear and subsequent search for support and safety where the rubber meets the road. This life allows learning, allows our personality to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Our values give rise to both how we act and how we interpret the results as either good or bad. Through these experiences we evolve our choices so that in the next lifetime we can make choices that allow our soul to grow beyond the choices of today.


The Virgo, 6th House and Mercury Archetype: The Search for Inner Contentment in the face of Imperfection

Virgo is represented by a beautiful young woman among the astrological pantheon. To me, this one image represents the good and bad of this Archetype which is the sign of Virgo, the 6th House and Mercury. The positive aspects of Virgo are represented by any communal insect. A worker bee has a purpose that is completed efficiently, tirelessly and without individual drama. The result is not about the bee and what that bee has accomplished but it is about what has been done for the good of the organism. It is a job well done. It is a self-contained and beautiful result in the way clean and simple efficiency is beautiful. Self-containment is a large part of this archetype and is not completely understood in the patriarchal world in which we live. Because of conditioning, we immediately try to hook up the beautiful woman with a masculine counterpart however Virgo is a symbol of femininity whole unto herself! She is capable, skilled, practical, and interested in healthy function which includes her individual body’s function as well as function of any project she relates to.

Virgo is a mutable earth Archetype. Purposes of any Earth Sign include:

the experience of incarnation into form to test, to see what will work in practice.

Experiencing the senses to know from a human perspective about more of the truth.

Tangible feedback that enforces learning on many levels.

Development of an understanding about the physical plane.

Navigating the senses to give the Soul a home that is both functional and enjoyable.

The experience of the timeless within time and place and the discrepancy therein.

Virgo is an Archetype that is quite at home in a more matriarchal climate, where women are strong through their value of inclusiveness and functionality over ego and through skilled intelligence and single femininity and not through deference to or relationship with a masculine figure or by virtue of her appearance.

The Archetype of Virgo is feminine however there are men who resonate with the concepts of Virgo. I am writing about an energy that is beyond and of broader scope than gender.

The Mutable element describes Virgo to be open minded, aware of the whole picture rather than individual or partisan desires. There is an understanding that we are responsible for more than just ourselves and there is more to consider than our own lives. With Virgo we are global, conscious that the pieces of the puzzle are part of the whole. This issue is interesting because not only are we aware of the whole but there is the deep understanding that the pieces are supremely important because they have power; without them there is no whole.

Health, with Virgo, is a global concept but can be understood by these folks as being based upon the details. Virgo is not afraid of either hard work or the need to take time to focus on the parts that must be understood and mastered for true function and health. Diet and exercise are usually of importance to Virgoan types as a part of their path.

Virgos have a keenly analytical mind and intrinsic ability to understand how things function and the best manner of putting things to work for them. This makes them able to succeed in most any environment requiring mental skill and hands on ability. They get the job done through their mental resources and work ethic.

Because Virgo is so conscious of the need for function, there can be hyper-focus on where there is a lack of function which can quickly become “perfection” vs “imperfection”. This focus on perfection can leave these folks depleted. Because we are human beings and on this plane with a human body and mind living with other humans there is no perfectly functioning system, body, etc. This can leave the Virgo types perpetually stressed out and in a perceived reality of lack. They never come to a place of peace. Here we come to the mind body connection associated with Virgo. By working too hard, without balancing their own need for perfect performance with the reality of life on earth, these folks will find they cannot achieve what is their karmic inheritance-integration of spirit into a body able to manifest skillful and integrated success.

Because Virgo is so aware of perfection, they are acutely sensitive to criticism. They are aware of every shortcoming, every time they fall from their own idea of “perfect” function and because of this must be very careful with criticism. They must understand that they habitually internalize every correction as a criticism and they may in turn speak critically to others. They must bring to their experience love of themselves! This will allow acceptance of their humanness and burst the bubble of their own expectations. The paradox is that through their expectation for perfection they are in truth seeking superhuman performance and become extremely arrogant. This in and of itself denies the Virgo of their highest goal that of efficient and skillful performance. They become frozen in fear because they will never reach perfection, they are lost before they start. This leads to a common Virgo shortcoming of being procrastinators. The other aspect of this paradox is these Virgos become attached to the perfect performance and lose humility. So, again they fail to achieve their desired goal of task completion with efficient simplicity and elegance because they become tied to the external appearance rather than the contribution to the whole, they themselves become more important than the contribution.

Some key words describing Virgo Archetype include:

Analytical, deconstructive and able to apply technical understanding to situations



Prone to worrying

Critical of self and others

Beautiful, willing to work on appearance

Virgo rules the intestines.

Interestingly, it is very difficult finding someone who is famous representing Virgo in all its modest glamour. But when I searched for South Node and Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo I came up with Charles Combes 12/26/1801. He is recognized for being the first contract engineer and is etched into the base of the Eiffel Tower by Eiffel as essential to this accomplishment.

Another Virgo personality is Robyn Astaire. She was the first woman jockey to win a major horse race. She was married to Fred Astaire who also was Virgoan in that his Moon was in the 6th House. This couple illustrate a rare focus on the development of technique in order to gain their success.


Meditations on the Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017

The dramatic energies of this Solar Eclipse are felt by each of us. With Sun, North Node, and Mars in Leo we are challenged to manifest the best of who we are in spite of each of our tendency to adhere to old patterns. The old patterns are represented by the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius with the Ruler of the South Node, Uranus in Aries. As I wrote last week, Aquarius is the gift of the mind unadorned with attachments or emotions. It is a desire to evolve using the intellect. With Uranus in Aries our intellect is given a militaristic or warrior energy. We have been on a mission to elevate our lives for the better through deconstructing the whole which allows detailed analysis of what is holding us back from progress. With Uranus retrograde, the result of this has left us with doubts about this mission. We have experienced this militarism from both a good and a bad perspective and the bad display of this shows us to be rash, arrogant and with a trine from a retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, even a bit prejudiced. We are confronted with our own hypocrisy and self-interested betrayal of our goals of improvement and have slid into a façade of voicing a desire for improvement but acting from our need for security and continuation of old patterns. We react from anger when we are confronted in our evasions even though we do still want a true revolution. A revolution, with Uranus in Aries trining the eclipsed Sun in Leo-gaping portal of energy that will take us out of our reactivity and into our heartfelt love of who we want to become.

Mercury in Virgo leads the Sun, Moon and Aries in Leo. This Mercury will allow us to step wisely making skillful choices through the past of ego-involved intellectual justification to our future, our huge POTENTIAL!! This potential is represented by Sun and Moon and Mars in Leo. The potential will be different for each of us and will be understood best if you ask yourself what legacy do you want to leave behind after you leave this lifetime. Leo represents each of our creative manifestations in this lifetime.

I challenge you tomorrow during the eclipse to find a moment where you are quiet. During this quiet put your awareness to your forehead, your 3rd eye, and then place your awareness in the heart space. Sit and enjoy a resonance between these two powerful energies. Use this portal of energy of the eclipse to realize a future integrating the awareness learned through analysis of the evasions and prejudices we all bring with us and with this knowledge, open heartedly with courage,  create your tomorrow.

The Archetype of Aquarius, 11th House and Uranus

All the Archetypes are an expression of a polarity. The Leo and the Aquarius Archetypes represent a polarity. We gain clarity by the comparison of one extreme vs another. With Leo, I wrote previously about creativity, love of life and the father principle. In comparison, Aquarius takes us from the actor in Leo to the observer. We observe situations to gain clarity and to achieve more understanding. Aquarius shares the fixed modality with Leo. There is tremendous mastery available but this time instead of the creative impulse and the deep involvement with the creative self as seen in Leo there is mastery on the mental plane. Because Aquarius is an air sign there is great intellectual ability. Air allows fluidity and exchange however with a fixed air sign, Aquarius, the intangible is given structure and form. With Aquarius there is a gift of understanding in the realm of the intellect. With this archetype we are pressured to give form to our thoughts and to our intellectual creations. Through objectivity and mental clarity we are empowered with understanding. It is arguable that the intellect is truly what makes us human and therefore,  with Aquarius, we realize humanity’s highest achievement.

The symbol of Aquarius is that of the Waterbearer. This symbol looks to be a god pouring down his gift of spiritual water, knowledge, from the heavens to those of us on the physical plane. This represents the Aquarian karmic inheritance to bring knowledge into form but his true mission is not to simply gain knowledge, the true mission is to pass along this knowledge for the improvement of civilization. All Aquarians are bearers of enlightenment.

Aquarius requires emotional distance to understand the big picture as opposed to the Leo quality of familiarity and warmth of emotion. Too much partisanship destroys the truth. This distancing, in a negative manner, can lead to a tendency for a separation of mind and emotion. There can be a tendency to fall away from the views of their family of birth. These Aquarian types may prefer groups of friends over family ties. Friends chosen on their beliefs provide a source of reference for these types; there is the potential for strength through many minds working together.

Keywords associated with Aquarius include:

Mental clarity and creativity, higher consciousness, instantaneous awareness

Scientific ability


Objectivity beyond personal attachments

Using the mind to upgrade the minimum standard, progress, bringers of enlightenment

The witness

Groups of friends

Non-biological, sarcasm, criticism, fear of humiliation

Trauma and subsequent frozen emotions in either this lifetime or a previous

The ankles, the brain and the nerves carrying electrical currents and the synapses, lungs (rules with Gemini) and the blood vessels and blood pressure co ruler of the circulatory system with Leo that rules the heart.



Two natal chart examples that show strongly Uranian signatures include Thomas Edison and Bobby Jindal. Thomas Edison was a prolific inventor. He was responsible for the incandescent bulb and was responsible for the use of electricity in daily life. He was the founder of the first research and development laboratory that had as its goal the research and implementation of any invention. We can see that his entire life was Aquarian: Aquarius represents electricity, invention and any scientific inquiry. Edison’s chart features 3 planets in Aquarius including the Sun and Mercury and Neptune and another body called the North Node of the Moon also is in the 11th House, another Uranian signature.

Bobby Jindal is the former Governor of Louisiana who distinguishes himself through a rare brilliance of mind. He used this to advance healthcare and government policy through systems analysis. He graduated with a dual major: Biology and Public Policy in 1992 at 20 years of age. He was accepted to both Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School however chose to study at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He graduated from Oxford with an emphasis in healthcare finance.

He was introduced to the Governor of Louisana and was called a rare genius by the governor. He was able to turn a 400 million dollar deficit into a 220 million dollar surplus. Jindal became the Governor of Louisiana in 2008-2016. During his time as governor, Louisiana rose to 3rd in the nation in healthcare screenings to care for children and provided expanded services for elderly and disabled.

Jindal has North Node of the Moon conjunct Mars both in Aquarius and Uranus in the 1st House. This biographical sketch portrays in several ways the Aquarian Archetype. His brilliance of intellect is obvious as is a talent for detached analysis and ability to see a clear solution for improvement. Another important Aquarian trait is the desire to raise the standard. Aquarians at their best, seek to raise the minimum standard for all regardless of race, gender or wealth.

The Archetype of Leo, Sun and the 5th House

The Archetypes of the Zodiac allow a symbolic vocabulary. The interpretation of these symbols describes a Soul.

For clarity, whenever I write Leo I mean to include the Sun, Leo planets and the 5th house. Leo is a fixed fire sign. Fixed signs are about intensity of purpose, mastery, getting it done. There is an unstoppable element in them, they are here to produce results. The fire signs are about enthusiasm, about fast out of the gate and bursts of energy and teaches us to take charge of your life, you are here to create your life.

The synthesis of these encapsulates Leo. It is the astrological symbol of lasting creativity.

Creativity is a word that has a different meaning for every one of us. On a basic level, I would say creativity connects us to who we really are. The creating of something that is supremely you, that you go to bed in love with and wake up in love with, gets you out of bed at 5 am to start and keeps you up until 3 am to finish, is the experience of this creative energy. Let’s carry this example a bit further. Let’s say you are writing a fiction novel. Through bringing out the characters in the novel you become caught up in the drama of the lives of the characters. This is a birthing, a creative offspring. This writer requires self-confidence, self-focus, interest in the people being created, flare for the immediacy of the drama and an intense love that sustains all the other traits. If there is not love of the creation and the creative process itself, because Leo is very much about not only the creation but the process itself, there will not be the will needed to bring the story to completion. The path to creativity is very difficult and will not be sustained without love.

If we look closer at the above paragraph we can find some “keywords” that will give us a snapshot of this Leo energy. This will help us to encapsulate this and allow quick recall when we look at these symbols in a complex astrological chart.

Leo Keywords:

A connection to who we are and why we are here

What gets us out of bed in the morning

Self-confidence, extreme will

Drama, performance and performer


Creations, children, procreation, carrying on the lineage


Father and the principle of the masculine



The heart as an organ.


With this introduction to Leo, we can look at how these keywords are used to interpret an astrological chart.


Take Sun in the 5th house in Leo. This archetype is a triple signature: Sun and Leo and 5th house! This individual would be all these characteristics in pure form, a very strongly Leo personality. The entire life’s purpose must be, to be true to their karmic inheritance, about these issues; creativity, carrying on the lineage, father, the expression of love of life. There may be an emphasis on the actual heart throughout the life as well. Here are two charts that illustrate this concept, both have Sun in the sign of Leo and in the 5th house.

Louise Bogan is a woman who quickly became known as a leader in the poetry circles of her day. She held the position of editor of poetry for The New Yorker for nearly 40 years. She was known for her outspoken manner, her relentless pursuit of her own identity. She refused to be limited in her creative voice based upon the role women were assigned within the society of her birth. To give a sense of her fight with the standard female role of her time she once stated that in her own poetry the women expressed a “locus of intemperate, dangerous and antisocial desires”. This illustrates an important point regarding this energy strongly featured in a women’s chart: if she is not able to express it positively (which is likely coming from centuries of patriarchal dominance and submission of women) it will rage, it will not be contained. Negative expression will certainly be chosen over no expression and anything she views as keeping her from this creativity is destroyed. In the age of the patriarchal belief that women’s creativity is to bear and rear children, these women can view their own femininity as a detriment to their creativity because they are not allowed to be creative on their own terms and may view the role of mother and childbearing as imprisonment. An important teaching point to be made is that there can be positive and negative expressions of any archetype in astrology and likely both expressions simultaneously. The process of growth in the present lifetime is to transform negative expression into positive expression as judged not by the society but by an absolute standard of right and wrong and is symbolized by the archetype of Capricorn, 10th House and Saturn. Another important point is that these archetypes function on many levels and represent a continuation of this transformation of energy from previous lifetimes.

Bindi Irwin is a young woman who is known for continuing her father’s job as explorer and animal conservationist. She stepped into this role after her father, Steven Irwin, was killed during a “shoot” for one of his adventure shows when a stingray punctured his heart. This is another expression of the Leo energy; her entire purpose became the continuation of the life started by her father. She is on a mission to complete his dream. Very poignant and symbolic that her father died of a wound to the heart! Interestingly, Louise Bogan died of a heart attack, another illustration of this archetypal energy.