My name is Suzy Holbrook. I’ve been on a quest for my truth as a healer. In my youth, I thought the most effective healing would come through the established medical community. I studied allopathic western medicine and received my medical degree in 1990 and completed my pediatric residency in 1993. As I have practiced medicine, I have found that there can be realized profound healing as long as the intent is sincere. However, for me this healing has been incomplete. I studied Functional Medicine and found further clarification of the western medical model. I studied Evolutionary Astrology with Jeffrey Wolf Green, graduating from his Pluto School in 2002. This model of the soul brought to me a tool that changed my life. Through the voice of Evolutionary Astrology the actual soul lessons can be identified. This took me to a new understanding of healing. I completed Maurice Fernandez’s The Complete Course in 2017 and it was amazing. His brilliant teaching has been instrumental in furthering my understanding of astrology. The insights and processes allowed through a synthesis of western medicine, Functional Medicine and Evolutionary Astrology are transformative if approached with a sincere desire to heal the soul.