New Moon July 20, 2020

We live in an unprecedented time. Why do we find ourselves in a body now? What can be learned by having a body on this planet at this time, during this pandemic that is a tearing down of assumptions. We are shown that we are not in control. We are also given a ripe opportunity. At this New Moon what can we do, in an energetic, spirit-based way to further our process and pay homage to this time in a positive way?

We can review our own patterns. We are reliving situations from either past lives or previous experiences in the life that question our emotional foundation. Perhaps we continue to make choices based upon teachings that are outmoded and not furthering our spiritual baby-steps. Think about instinctive patterns that maintain your emotional security-see if you feel a change coming, feel the breeze of spiritual growth and progress that you have sensed but not acted upon because you are afraid of what this foundational change would bring to your life. Change is difficult. You have security, know what to do and how to act based upon teachings from you parents, societal norms and perhaps religious assumptions, and experiences.

OK, close your eyes, feel into your life, energetically, by imagining your patterns. Perhaps you wake up after resting, you eat, work, feel moods-happy, sad, frustration, love, joy, pain. At a very core level, these unquestioned actions and reactions are the security patterns I am talking about and with this Moon we are asked to review and possibly to grow beyond.

If these patterns are working for you then you are bringing through gift after gift; teaching those around you. If you are feeling frustrated, angry and locked into patterns that are not representative of who you want to become then welcome to the club 😉. This North Node in Gemini is the breeze to lead to your future.

Simply put, what makes you feel nourished and nurtured at this time? Where must you confront patterns that keep you locked into replay mode? Where have you buried your head because you are afraid? Where have you held to a position of security and authority but in so doing, have tied yourself to a mast only to be doused again and again.

You are powerful now and through softening old patterns, through seeing the strength in nurturing, strength in smiling and holding and hugging-whether it is your evolving softer and happier self or another person, this is the time. Enjoy it.