Newsletter Summer 2020

The Solar Eclipse for this season is June 21, 2020.

A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon, the Sun and the Earth all line up. This alignment prevents the light of the Sun from reaching the Earth for a few hours as the Moon gets between the Sun and the Earth. I think this alignment allows very direct experience of the energy of the planets involved and can impact us not only on the day of an eclipse but also for months after.

Astrologers believe that Sun and Moon’s goal is to impart to us a new identity. Sun describes life, energy and love. When we are expressing the Sun in our chart in a healthy way we enjoy our life and are connected to it, we do not sit on the sidelines but we engage and we grow in this process. We can give and receive and are sure of who we are.

The Moon describes what our soul is nourished by and it also describes, I think, an energy we are becoming through our life. In short, our Soul is drinking our Moon-we are thirsty for whatever is described by this in our natal chart.

When Moon and Sun are conjunct in a natal chart there is a fusion of these factors. Perhaps we are nourished by being creative. The pursuit of who we are and of what we are bringing into existence, how we leave our mark and a continual birth of these things will be highly figured in the life of such an individual. When we are exposed to these energies through an eclipse these characteristics are emphasized, it is a highly creative time.

You can benefit by starting something that you can really feel inspired by and in this way become something more vital, more inspired. It is your love affair with your life and everything is possible now. GO FOR IT.

We all have strengths that have been developed, use these now as a springboard to develop something through which you are more fully engaged and that will allow you to become who you want to be. Think about it. Bring it in. Do it.

The natal chart is specifically energized by the house this Solar Eclipse falls. Contact me if you want to review this with me 😉.

Love, Suzy