Brave to be what you are! Solar Eclipse of 6/21/2020.

Solar Eclipse June 2020

In starting our new path of self, we create a new identity. A new identity where the persona others see is the internal identity we also resonate with, we activate our emotional intelligence, understanding that what is human in us is why we are here. I am saying that we incarnate, in a body and on the earth to feel, this is the reason and the path through the present incarnation. To illustrate a point, let’s discuss the opposite which is shown through Jupiter in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and is the ruler of the South Node, adding emphasis and adding a karmic theme. We are brilliant in the ability to look the established structures directly in the “face”, uprooting what is entrenched and crystalized into a structure that no longer works. We scrutinize this structure for the cracks and certainly find some. The cracks are there and will not go, we must create a future that understands the cause of these cracks and is able to start a new path that can objectify, can act from the values of diversification. Wise diversity will bring strength that was valued but now is ridiculed. We must study and create a new path that is made vibrant by honest evaluation and made tough by a willingness to destroy what we must to create a future that will live.

Our present path will take us deeper and deeper into crumbled and dangerous demolition, once we were capable of self-correction, able to walk the path of clarity but now we dig ourselves deeper into tunnel vision and even death. We must pull our head out from where it is buried and see, look to what is wrong and look to what could be right and with optimistic steps, build.

That is where we have come, we are moving to a future that values not only diversity but intelligence. Values conversation and opinion but not opinion that shuts others down, opinion that is more about listening for suggestions and working together without ego and pretense, more interested in true reform rather than the present interest in personal gain. In this chart, the Moon conjunct Sun in Cancer is looking to connect in a way that is real. Looking to connect from our own strength rather than weakness. We are weak in our uniformity! We are weak in that we have each lost how we each are strong but not the same in our strength for it is this difference that will bring us all joy and will bring the strength of community. We can let go of the self-interest, of the exclusivity if we will focus on our own life and in using our own energy in a manner that radiates confidence and joy and in this, peace. We have been brain washed, indoctrinated in our goals. Why do we all strive for the same reward? This is a problem because we are not all the same, we do not all have the same talents and the same values. We must become ourselves and not strive to become each other.

This New Moon that is the Solar Eclipse of June 2020, in the setting of global chaos created by governments that cannot work together because they are led by self-interested individuals who do not care about the state of the world. We cannot settle for this. What can we do? We must start with ourselves and in this, love ourselves. This means identify who each of us are, what our gifts are, what we can offer that is from the heart and in this find joy. This joy can sustain each and this joy will create a life that can allow others’ strengths to flourish for if each of us are satisfied then we will allow others their happiness. We will not grasp to what others have because we will understand our desires are not their desires and are based upon not only talents but also on the nourishment of our soul. Now is the time to identify your gift that is yours to give and in giving, create joy. Maximize soul growth. Let go of anything that is not sustaining and nourishing you, create kindness and create love.

Mars is interesting in this chart. It is both strong and central, diffuse and secondary. This is Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Can we fight for the common good? Can we identify needs that we all have in common? Can we step outside the personal and into the collective? If we are to meet this Mars in the middle, meeting its expectations then this is the goal. It is either this collective end or another not so positive; Mars will be experienced one way or another. This Mars will be the entirety of our experience over the next several months. The reality might be rage, fight, defense and experiences of bravery and fear. We could witness a conflagration from experienced victimization outrage and backlash of the entrenched leaders. Please put energy, mind and emotion toward the common good. Cooling, calming, empathetic for there is always a back story. There will be a flood of emotion.

Be kind to yourself, this is the start.