The Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2020

In this chart I see a struggle between Capricorn and Cancer. This chart emphasizes the calling to balance the principles of the internal world that is soft and lenient vs the external world that is accustomed to work and discipline. The Cancer archetype focusses on the emotions, the personal. For all of us, we grow and change through the emotions. Lasting changes happen by letting down our guard, by allowing something that we are not or do not at the present moment have an understanding of “get” to us. When this happens, when we feel safe enough to open to new information, new people, new experiences we change at a core level. This is Soul evolution. But, if we look closely, what is necessary for Soul change? We must let down our guard and this is difficult. Why would we put ourselves in a position of vulnerability? To answer this question, we must unpack the archetype of Cancer and the Moon. Any planets in Cancer or the 4th house or in aspect to the Moon are involved in this process for you. Think to your life, what opens, softens and nourishes you? On a rainy day off what will you do with your time? This starts us understanding this archetype. During this day off you are relaxed and unpressured and therefore without defenses. You will spend your time with something that prepares you for another day that will pressure, stress and tax you. What sustains you and feeds you, supporting your hard work? The answer for each of us lies in the archetype of Moon, Cancer, 4th house. We will endure vulnerability because not only the body but the Soul must be fed.

In this chart, we see Moon conjunct the Sun in Cancer. This is a double emphasis on Moon/Cancer energy. We are starting an important cycle that focusses on a new identity, an identity that allows for softening, treating ourselves as we do others-with kindness and that will feed the direction of

Soul growth. This cycle recognizes that we have stressed achievement, external rewards over individualized benchmarks of success. The goal of success is not the problem. This goal is necessary. The problem is that we have focused on external accomplishments to such an extent that we no longer are pushing for growth, we are pushing for status quo and no change because we are afraid of losing security and the position we have achieved through the external goals. The push for a success defined by the past is safe but stifling. We no longer know who we are. We all are racing around, looking to others to validate who we are and are in competition for the same endpoint even if that endpoint brings a shallow and dull reward. We are all different, all with unique values, emotional needs and gifts and as such have different endpoints of success. Where have you diverged from your individual needs to fit a mold not sustaining you? This is the fundamental issue in this new moon/Solar Eclipse.

Look to your Moon, 4th house and Cancer planets and ruled house in your chart. This is the direction for you. This is your new identity. Define that which opens softens nourishes and enriches your life. This is what you must make time for and will allow you to complete your work in the world. This energy will change you by nourishing a change in your Soul and in this way you will walk closer to the purpose of this incarnation.

Be kind to yourself, this is the start.