The Lunar Eclipse of June 5, 2020



Suzy Holbrook Newsletter
Lunar Eclipse 6/5/20
The alignment of the energies of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon is what defines an eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse of June 5, 2020 shows this in that Moon and Sun are across the chart from each other and the fact they are relatively close to the Nodes of the Moon.
In this chart, Moon has been emphasized by placing it on the Ascendant. This allows us to see the entire chart as if our Moon process is a new warrior path we are birthing in the present incarnation. I would go so far as to say the necessary growth each of our Soul incarnates to experience in this incarnation can be identified through Moon symbols. An Eclipse represents for each incarnated anywhere on the earth, a time of added intensity and accelerated development.
Moon in Sagittarius near the South Node indicates our warrior nature is vibrant. We are committed to starting and we believe we can win. We are crusaders with a truth and are messengers for this truth. If we had been born with this signature, we would have conviction and willingness to fight for our cause, we would be the crusaders of religious wars or missionaries with fervent travel part of the plan. Fused planetary energies that modify this include opposing Venus, opposing Sun and squaring Mars and Neptune. Venus, retrograde and in Gemini contributes understanding that differing viewpoints only add dimension (or a point of reference to argue against to clarify our own beliefs). This Moon is stabilized and nuanced by these viewpoints and if able to include a broader perspective can be made wise, if seen in a Natal Chart, over a life. Retrograde Venus implicates a need to look beneath the surface, question and confirm any piece of information used for modification. This Venus understands that not only are their other viewpoints but they could provide the vital piece of information that allows full understanding. The questioning and doubting of information of this Venus is not only directed to the Moon in Sagittarius and will temper the ferocity of opinion, but also questions the supremacy of the Sun, the King. This Gemini Sun asks that we open to information, look for something that will help us understand our life, where to go and what to do. This Sun in Gemini is on edge so as not to miss the information that will clarify, that will helps us connect the data points, UNDERSTANDING what to do, what our life means and with that understanding show us how to act. Venus retrograde conjunct the Sun in Gemini demands that the information we use to draw conclusions be accurate and that we discriminate relative to this information, indiscriminate assimilation of the data could lead us astray.
Mars in Pisces conjuncts our friend Neptune in Pisces and adds to this Lunar Eclipse a veiling and a dose of either confusion or clarity depending on the attitude of the receiver. This signature asks that our references are global, interested in something more than the personal. It asks that the information we see as useful includes a mature view, not reductive and quick-fix oriented but emphasizes truth that has broad applicability. This Mars confronts our warrior Moon in its self-interest and beliefs. As I stated, the changes to a Soul over an incarnation, with this natal signature would be to become more aware and avoidant of dogmatic rose-colored glasses-approach and be blessed with a consciousness that understands reductive thinking about truth is not only not truthful but is harmful to all involved.
We must clearly see how this Mars in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces squaring Sun and Moon signature brings with it an energy prone to confusion-there could be bad information, there could be misrepresentation and there could be scapegoating and misplaced anger as we are led astray relative to this misinformation. Please guard against lies. Guard against instinctive anger that clouds the intellect, guard against the magician-trick, sleight of hand: we must see both hands on the table at all times!
To close, Moon energy, what opens softens nourishes and enriches our life energy is important. Eclipse season, now, emphasizes nourishment of our Soul through defining our truth. We can clarify and be given the opportunity to define what is important and worthy of our attention. Please do this now! But with this prioritization of what we see as truthful, worth fighting for, we must be willing to modify our instinctive assumptions, be open to other viewpoints and keep the broader perspective in mind. Use the wisdom available to us at this time of alignment of these powerful energies. Be willing to look beneath the surface for another possibility and please be vigilant for deceptive truths. We can express our energy directly responding from our center with clarity or we erupt with anger because nothing is worse than disillusionment at being led astray.
With love and light, Suzy, 5/24/2020