The Full Moon April 7, 2020

We are pressured on a new path. This path requires us to see the bigger picture, it is not only about what the individual wants or needs. It is important to see each individual as a piece of a larger unit. We must do our part to start the new path and include information about what choices we make from those in a position of authority. The authority to follow are those who also understand that for each of us to win, we must realize how tied we all are to the good of the organism, to the good of the group. REALIZE, if one makes choices based on personal desires the goal will be lost. The leader to listen to will teach that going too far and too fast will not work. We must start a path based upon a history of success. If there is a leader with a plan based upon previous success, one with experience and a track record of success and validity, then follow that leader. With Capricorn Jupiter and Pluto conjunct squaring the Full Moon luminaries, there is a SOUL-SCAR regarding leadership. We have a distant memory at a soul level regarding leaders who have not made decisions that are based upon group success but have been based upon either faulty, self-invested interests or based upon choices that are not tested and valid. This time follow a leader who is worthy, consistent and making statements about the good of all and not the good of the few. Ask questions, confront those in power because if these leaders are those worthy of being followed, they will stand up to the questioning and will appreciate the confrontation because in this way they will be aligned with a path that approaches the best path.
We must all face our assumptions regarding leadership, test their validity, look to incoming and new information and compare this new information to past success. Act, stop and reflect, gather data from leaders but also from your own process, are you making choices that work? We must all stop assumptions, look to results in the present and change the plan based upon results that are working, succeeding in the moment.