New Moon March 24, 2020

The New Moon signature of Sun conjunct Moon in Aries, in a world where the reality of Coronavirus is rampant, tells a story. The story described is a fight, a fight against helplessness and vulnerability. We are emotional and pressured to act, to defend and to win. Further understanding about this fight can be achieved through the symbol of the planetary ruler of Aries, Mars, in Capricorn. This describes our tools: discipline, stamina to work to get to the goal and a vision of our moral path. The conjunction of Mars to Pluto and Jupiter creates intensity. Through this fight we will deal with loss and our deepest fears of inadequacy. We will experience crises but also be given the opportunity to realize phoenix-like regeneration of our faith. Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius describes the beginning. We analyze with impartial eyes our chances of winning and the contributors that will increase the odds of our success in winning the war. This skillset includes science and scientists. We must learn to use the data, the real facts that are uncovered and not believe those that speak or write from mis-truths that are not grounded in reality. Possibilities will not help, we must use the data, the facts and fact check. The several Capricorn planets and Saturn in Aquarius demand reliability.
Uranus in Taurus is squaring Saturn. We are pressured to act on this warrior path without seeing every point of view, without complete understanding. What we do know is we will gather information as we go and then must use what is uncovered in the moment so we do not repeat mistakes. We must uncover vested interests that spread unreliable information and we must revolutionize values and create a new system based upon valuing things that are about preservation rather than about might making right.
With the North Node in Cancer we must be where we are, grateful for the supports we have. We must start the cultivation of a value system based upon open hearts and connection. We must join together to support those less lucky or if you are struggling reach out for support. This is how we will get through this and use this time of chaos and fear to create more stability and realize regeneration of a system that no longer works to create a future that is better.