Full Moon March 9, 2020

The Full Moon chart for March 9, 2020 inspires us to consider our relationships. With the Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune and placed, as shown, on the first house cusp to emphasize the Sun process, we see our new mission at this time is to look to a greater whole than our individual ego. A Pisces Sun conjunct Neptune in its own sign and its own house puts quadruple emphasis on this archetype. Pisces and Neptune and the 12th house are water and mutable. Mutability is about global, we are interested in our place in the grand scheme. We are interested in how we fit into the bigger organism and see the individual as limited. The water element’s strength is in forming to any vessel, making ourselves accommodate. It engulfs us, filling every crevice, permeating and conforming. Over a life it erodes, changing the landscape and our Soul with its persistence. Mutable water is overwhelmingly accommodating and simultaneously in control. Have you ever tried to fight against an ocean current? it is nature at its most implacable. Part of the journey with Pisces is to learn that we are not in charge, we are here to adapt, to blend and to submit. The choice: to drown in the implacability or shape-shift, adept at swimming with, not against the current.
The Moon in Virgo on the cusp of the 7th house is fed through understanding the nuances of life. There is more to the story than lack of control and bending to the will of life’s flow. We are nourished by self-care, not every aspect of life is about our willingness to dissolve into the greater whole. We must also take care to support life through our efforts. We must not only give up our individual desires we must work, with conscious and with full understanding, to support those in our world. Detail consciousness, effort and healthy relationships will feed us and bring a more realistic understanding of our life.
Our relationships are further pressured to function with accuracy and efficiency. We need to support those around us seamlessly as we work to create health for our own life. In the symbol of Venus conjunct Uranus we must see a bigger picture than our own self-interest. This is challenging the Sun/Moon message of global and individual part in that whole. It is pressuring us to directly integrate the concept of taking care of myself, my life, my body, my possessions with what others need. We are aware of the needs of others in equal measure to our own and must contend with the paradoxes.
The stellium in Capricorn adds a deep undercurrent of the old juxtaposed with the new. It is the drumbeat of the old dictum of authority that no longer works. It is the force of time relinquishing control to a greater force, the force of life sweeping us into the current to uproot the old bringing with it the possibility of health, the possibility of seeing the needs of another and working to bring health to those around because that will create health for all. We are witness to the reasons we must work to bring in these changes. The old dictum of self first will bring anger, it will perpetuate a reality that speaks to doing what is right but in truth is only right for a minority. We must allow the undertow to bring in new leaders whose words are coincident with their life. Look to their actions, not just to their words. In this way, we will allow a future that is about health and function and not the old dictates of a system that is not working anymore.