New Moon February 23, 2020

The New Moon for February 23, 2020 shows a sharp dichotomy of energies. We cannot forget, at least for the next several months, the Capricorn presence. We are pressured to engage in our life with the care of a mastercraftsman. Issues of right and wrong are present in every moment. But, for the next 2 weeks in this New Moon, we sense a change is possible. The firm-edged and reality inspired march that has inspired our discipline and hard work is now lead by a flute instead of a drum. We feel a change like the smell of lilly in the cold air of winter. The promise of something new, a dream barely remembered that lingers after a deep sleep.
The values that have inspired our Capricornian discipline include a rich tradition of warriorship. We are carrying the flag of our ancestors who have lived to pass on the knowledge of right and wrong, of the path of success and have staked their lives upon this tradition. We understand because we have learned at the knee of grandparents that we will only live and we live only to carry this flag. Our ancestors learned from their parents about right and wrong, about the path of honor. We have faith that our teachings in this regard are accurate because they have worked, have made us and kept us strong.
But let us imagine a child in such as this. Imagine this child with vision and understanding. This gifted vantage can see what most cannot. When sitting at the knee of the teachers of the community, this child asked questions. She did not see things as they and could understand the limitations, the weakness of the traditions. She spoke to the elders and because they had solid belief in wisdom, regardless of who this came from, the elders listened to the child. The elders understood this child to be one born when the veil, the structures of earthly reality are more malleable and bring in with their birth a vision, the gift of understanding. Through this child there can be envisioned a new tradition, a new structure, a new warrior path that will allow a rebirth of the community, rebirth of the rules, the established truths. In this way, the future can remain solid and secure.
The chart of this New Moon shows a time such as this and could describe a person such as this child.
Each of us have traditions, boundaries, rules of right and wrong that have kept us safe. We may have learned from family, community or teacher. But, we are now at a crossroads. We see how it is easy to disregard the path. We see how the rules of conduct, of right and wrong, the path that has kept us safe has been turned to be used for the good of only a few, for the good of the ego, for the good of the pocketbook of the one instead for the good of the majority. We see now there must be new ideas, there must be an understanding that things must be let go in order to realize a future that can help all, not just the few. We must bring in ideals of the matriarchy. These ideals are cooperative, and as supportive of those in need as those in power. We must focus on community. We must love more, include more and become warriors of these values. In this way, with this spirit, we will be happier, live a life of growth in each moment rather than live fighting for self interest and money grubbing which will break the spirit and soul of all of us.