Full Moon February 9, 2020

In this Full Moon we see the axis of creativity, love and light as the focal point of the energy. The question that is raised becomes an anthem for creative progress. The question, “who am I?” must be evaluated with honesty. Do I have creative control of my life or am I a slave to an enmeshed and crystalized pattern of behavior that is no longer who I am becoming.

A central configuration is the Yod with the Moon in Leo at the apex. Moon energy is how you make yourself comfortable. Can you remember a time in which you were out of your element and uncomfortable? The way you brought resolution to the discomfort is one description of your Moon. The Moon energy describes what you are fulfilled through, what your soul is hungry for and through “eating” (literally or figuratively) becomes you over your life. The Moon symbolism in a chart is pivotal because it describes what your soul needs for spiritual evolution.

In Evolutionary Astrology we know we are incarnated in a body in order to evolve the soul. The positions of the stars and planets at your birth give a symbolic view of your soul. It shows what you have learned and are here to give and what cup you must drink, what food, eat for soul nourishment.

If we look to this Moon in the chart of February 9, 2020, we see the Moon is in Leo and is the apex of a Yod. This is an emphasized placement because a Yod, sometimes called the “finger of God” configuration shows that the soul has an intention to work in a focused way on the planet at the apex. The two arms of the Yod are in 150 degree aspects, a quincunx. This aspect is one of tension. Classically the separating, waning, aspect shows the need to purify the energy of the separating planet. In this chart this planet (planets in this case) are Pluto and Jupiter and Saturn. These planets are all in Capricorn. There must be intense focus on and purification of the healthy use of authority, use of responsibility and discipline, working for the sake of the work itself rather than any rewards possible. This type of energy is healthy Capricorn. Each of the planets in Capricorn show another facet of this. Jupiter shows what gives us faith, what we believe in despite lack of facts on but only inspiration about and will be rewarded with optimism and spiritual understanding. Pluto is the promise of rebirth through facing shadows, facing the pain and pushing through to achieve deeply transformative healing. Saturn shows “True North” for the soul by house, sign along with the sign on the cusp of the 10th house and aspecting planets. Saturn shows an area of life that we have, in the process of lifetimes of living, accrued karmic debt. This can be positive in that it shows our mastery and our wisdom. It also, always, show an area that we have walked over an appropriate boundary and must learn about this issue on several levels. In this chart we see Saturn in Capricorn. We have been looking for or been a role model and have transgressed. Maybe we have been a role model but not been consistent in this. Maybe we have found a role model but we have not shown consistent effort on our path and have been hypocritical in some way. We may have sought wisdom but found the path too difficult and in our fatigue, quit and our soul remembers this. Many possible scenarios and all worthy of forgiveness. In this chart there will be achieved purification of intention, understanding of the value of work, shadow unmasking and consistent focus to achieve the goal of leadership. In this process we will develop a daily practice, dharma, that through daily expression will heal the karmic wounds of the father, wounds of inauthenticity and of hypocrisy. We can and will be the agents of transformation. This is the purification arm of the Yod. This will be used to open us to a new level of commitment to the truth of love. This love, at this level, is the love and commitment to every life on the planet and the perpetuation of those lives. It is about opening to being present in every moment of every day. Most of us feel tired and overwhelmed and go through the motions of life. This Moon is intolerant, dims and dies with this attitude. It is fed through feeling joy, seeing the spirit within in all of us and bowing to the light within as I do the light without. There is no room for pettiness, for dimming of the flame of hope.

The waxing quincunx aspect from the Moon is to Neptune in Pisces. The waxing aspect will be connected to the waning quincunx through a sextile. This lends the possibility of using this energy synergistically by understanding on a mental level the issues involved. Neptune allows us cracks in our daily life that may make us feel out of control but bring with this lack of control the voice of God. This voice forces us to look at things a new way, forces us to accept this issue. If we can accept and move gracefully through this then life will take us to a vista we didn’t know was there. This vista will afford a view of life that will bring a new level of spiritual understanding. If we cannot make space for the numinous then it will happen anyway but will leave you with nothing but the knowledge there is some force greater than you.

Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter sextile Neptune bring up memories of role models that disappear, leaving us alone and without guidance. It reminds us that no matter how hard we work, how disciplined we are, we will ultimately be gone like out great grandparents before us. It reminds us of the importance of humility, that we are only as great as what is left after we are no longer in form. But, back to the Capricorn, we cannot use this as an excuse to be lax. Discipline and right work is paramount because without effort nothing will be accomplished. And more than this, the important point is not the end result but is the process for this will effect the necessary purification.

Through this process we will become masters of emotion. We will realize and cherish life, we will treasure love, creativity and presence because we will understand how fragile is love, light and truth. We will be fed and will grow through this love.

The final piece of the puzzle in this configuration is the Sun opposing the Moon. This is called a boomerang configuration. This Sun shines light on the Moon but also contributes to the Capricorn sextile Neptune story. Sun is at the midpoint between the Capricorn planets and the Neptune. This brings our creativity to the fore. It will not be enough to feel the love to feel the light. We are required to work, to create, to make love embodied and permanent. We will be the agents of love to make love lasting. In this way we will honor the configuration.