The New Moon January 24, 2020


There is something in this time of brilliance. A shining star, Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aquarius, bright and able to illuminate the darkness. The darkness speaks to us of fear. Fear that we may never be more than what we are now. Fear that we may never rise above our incapacities. Fear that we may never be more than our failures. Fear that we may never rise above our inadequacies, our insecurities. We can be more if we accept ourselves as we are for it is only in this, we can make lasting change.

Let’s deconstruct a bit this fear. We all experience going through the motions of our life without true engagement, no matter what you do or who you are this happens to a greater or lesser degree. If you have experienced a wake-up call in your life there may have already been a choice made to engage and live, truly live your life. You are lucky enough to have resurrected your Soul and live according to your TRUTH, to your LOVE for the calling of your SOUL.

The rest of us are now called to commit to a better future. We are alive, now, to question our excessively partisan stance or in another expression, our need to be seen as right but without an alignment with universal truth. We now can look back and see how we are out of alignment. And the view is liberating, let’s take advantage!

We can see the way fear of being found out, seen as insincere or inadequate or simply wrong has made us hide ourselves from our SOUL. The problem is we cannot run from ourselves.

This fear is not irrevocable. We can change. GO ahead, look into the eyes of the demons in your life. Is it your profession? Could your Soul be better served by a different line of work? Is it in your relationships? Could there be more sincerity? Could there be more truth? Could there be more participation?

What about your preconceptions regarding power? What does power mean to you? Is power about an intellectual idea that you take a sense of power from? Is it about who you are? Is it about how others see you? Are you in a position of power over others? If you know your own natal chart look to the transit of Pluto and Saturn. These Capricorn planets show, perhaps, where your SOUL is calling you to ask these questions. What must be faced without fear and evaluated with the white starlight of the Sun conjunct Moon in Aquarius- detached truth to clarify the situation.

At this moment, we may feel stuck in quicksand, sinking and unable to make forward movement. We may scream, we may rage and make accusations against others or ourselves that we have hopes and aspirations. Our intentions are pure but the flow of the current is against us and we stay still or, worse float backward against our intentions. I have heard that when in quicksand it is worse to fight and pull and strain. Let go, give in and see what happens. The helplessness in our life is for a reason. We are to learn about a possibility about which we have no concept. Your life has a greater plan and it is only through letting life take you that a greater possibility can be realized. Look to the transiting Mars, where is your chart is the sign of Sagittarius? If in the 4th house you will aspire for inner emotional security. You will be asked to be vulnerable to your TRUTH! There is no evading who you are at a fundamental level, what inspires you? Where do you place your faith? DO IT! Believe! But realize, as you place faith and point that archers bow in a direction you may suddenly realize you have no concept how to realize your dreams. No worries, the important point is to aim the bow and set the intention. Let life carry you and teach you about the possibilities.