The Full Moon January 10, 2020

The Full Moon is always a time of acting on a process that has been in gestation. We can see the seed, the intention of the Full Moon at the New Moon, which in this case, was a Solar Eclipse 12/26/2019, there was the imperative to review patterns of childhood conditioning. The patterns of concern are those that are not contributing to a future for each of us that is enriched with what our Souls are thirsting for. We all have some patterns that are crystalized and from which we act without thought-habitual patterns that we have, over our lifetime, built our life upon. But now we are mature and have outgrown these habits. They did give us security and provided us a persona which allowed internal consistency but now we are at a turning point. Will we grow into someone we would like? Will we be living a life based upon goals, morals and values we will approve in 10 years? Do we continue to support and act from the persona that is stable but limiting? If we choose the new path, the path that is breaking through the crystalized pattern, we will feel a bit lost, a bit unsure. It is similar to a newborn foal, walking on young, shaky legs. But if we do take this new path, we consistently and with patience with ourselves and our new process, establish our routines based upon where we want to go. With this, we will allow an important divergence from a dead end that will age our Soul prematurely and that will result in gaps between who we want to be and the persona we show to the world. These gaps create alienation of our persona from our Soul and potentially create a situation where we are living a life that is hollow, void of any real substance.
With this Full Moon chart, we are pressured to remember traditions from our family, culture, country or even entire globe that have proved to us of their reliability. By relying upon a past resonant with our evaluation of integrity that we know to be worthy, we will make better choices. There is a tendency with these configurations to have not only relied upon an outworn persona that is holding on to us, keeping us locked into a mask, but we have acted impulsively, recklessly to break free. We are now pressured to make choices about our future that integrate our past into a future that works for not only the present but where we want the future to take us.
The challenges that I see include:
Realizing that something you have built to make your life secure can now be limiting.
Deconstructing your childhood, your past, your traditions, your foundation in order to identify what is going to support your best future. This will force you to identify your best future and see what is contributing to this future in your present circumstances and what is detracting from this future.
There will be the necessity to engage the power of intelligence, will, discipline and hard work to change what needs to be changed and the need for intelligence, will, discipline and hard work to create a more aligned future.
The intense desire to opt out of the hard work through taking side paths that are alleviating the pressure but not truly in line with your determined future. Realize these are mirages and distractions on the path of future success.
For now, visualize a future that is coincident with your values at this moment. Ask yourself if your present path in life will lead to that future. If it will not then I would configure a trajectory, steps to take, practical applications for this moment that will bring about your identified values and a future more consistent with who you want to become.

fork in the road