Venus in Scorpio 2018: Beauty and Challenges

Venus rules 2 archetypes: Libra and Taurus. To get an idea about the meanings of Venus let us explore these two signs.

Libra, on the surface, is about harmony and relationships. It can be about these things and the benefits we receive from equal exchange from another, learning through giving or taking and our own needs being met through this process. But it could also highlight the need for balance and therefore the reality of the signature could be just the opposite: imbalanced and partial, excessive and self-interested or too selfless in unhealthy ways. Especially when we introduce Scorpio with this Venus signature, it can show there is something to be improved on. Growth is required. Scorpio can show that there has been a limitation in the previous, past-life expression of the energy. It can indicate that we have not been all that Venus can be: fair, eager to listen and to be willing to not only take but also give or that we may have been more likely to give and our karma in this life is to learn to take; either could be the interpretation.

Taurus, on the surface, is about beauty, and harmony and our resources and our money. A deeper look reveals it to be about building something that is worthy and long-lived. We are pressured to build something that is perfect in such a way as to stand the test of incarnation. We must be able to verify this worth through what we see, feel, touch or taste. Incarnation is indeed a test because what we devise in our intellect may be quite successful however it is only when it is tested on the physical plane we really see whether the idea has value which is another terrific Taurus word. The Taurus archetype pressures us to explore a fundamental part of our humanity-the sensual life. We are here to enjoy the senses. This is an essential message and we are all educated in this through our Venus. Venus in Scorpio indicates a need to go deeply into this process. It indicates we must reconfigure what we build, what we value. We could have been, in past incarnations, overly invested in a value system that was not as deep, as fully expressive of who and what our SOUL thought us capable. It is to be exploded in the present incarnation.
Venus in Scorpio, in one symbol, expresses all of this.
Another important part of this energy is the joining of Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius because Venus will be squared by Mars from early September to the last of October. If Venus in Scorpio is about bringing a deeper, more balanced relationship with others in our environment and about a deeper relationship with ourselves, redefining our values and our productivity then when it squares Mars in Aquarius we are pressured indeed! Mars is the red button that amps up the energy of this process. If we feel limited and frustrated in our lack of balanced relationships and lack of a value system that truly reflects our SOUL then Mars makes us feel this lack even more intensely. We must defend our relationships and values to ourselves but if our SOUL has felt unhappy in these things then with Mars in Aquarius challenging us we will not be able to take it. Our fuse will be short, anger high. If we fail to change and grow to be more completely as our SOUL dictates we will miss the opportunity. We may rage, frustrated, grasping at superficial values and sensual experiences to fill the void.
To do well with this Venusian energy, relax into the intensity of the experience. Feel our way because with Scorpio we must first feel for if we go into the intellect we will split ourselves off from our emotional processing, from our emotional intelligence. Then, as we start from this place we may be able to not only feel but see with perfect vision the Mars in Aquarius vantage which allows clarity of emotional expression. We may be able to not react from our wounds but synthetically process our deep wounds with clarity at this time.
Venus will also retrograde come October 5, 2018 through November 15, 2018. This happens every 1.6 years so is not that common a planetary movement or archetypal energy.
Venus retrograde brings with it an ability to let go of unwanted emotional baggage. We are given the opportunity to step outside our usual habits in relationships and in our relationship to what we hold dear. We are thrown into a space of upheaval! We can see the retrograde is quite synergistic with the energetic intensity I have discussed. If we feel intensely frustrated with our values, productivity or ability to make manifest something truly beautiful in our life, whether in relationship dynamics or in physical form then this is the time to let go to make room for a new dynamic. We are gifted with this energetic flick of the wrist to get rid of what we no longer need, make room for values, relationships, creative manifestations that are more in line with our SOUL. Grab and hold on.