Moon and Sun Archetypes and the Evolving Self

The archetype of the moon represents our evolving ego. The Moon by Sign and House describes our instinctive way of functioning. It shows what we see and what we are drawn to. This portrays what feeds us. This is very important because in the process of a life, of ingesting the archetype as portrayed through the House and Sign of the Moon, we are continually becoming something different than we started.

If we examine what this is saying, we can see that the Moon gives us a picture of where we start in this incarnation which is on a fundamental level, the mother. It also shows where we must go to further each of our emotional evolution.

If the Moon shows what we “see” in this life, with Moon in Aries, the soul starts from birth with a maternal relationship that could involve fighting with her or for her. It could represent an individual whose soul is fed when their mother is a fighter. To take this example further, through the course of a life they will “see” situations, events, through which they take action, fight for a cause, pioneer or take a stand. These Arian Moonchildren feel that they cannot allowing helplessness to be the mode of action. They become this fighter because it gives them sustenance not only on a physical level but on a spiritual level.

The Sun is the evolving Meaning of a life. It is the performance of a life. It is what is left when it is all over, it is the legacy.

If we combine the Sun archetype with the Moon we see the why and the who of a consciousness. In the above example, if the Moon is in Aries-the identification with the fight against helplessness is seen but if we connect the ego, the self-identity (Moon) with the purpose (Sun) for an incarnation we get another piece to elaborate the picture of a SOUL. If the Sun is in Pisces we connect these and find a personality that fights, becomes a fighter but for what purpose? The purpose with Sun in Pisces is to fight for the love of life as a concept. There is the need for the life to not be personal but to be for the collective.

The Soul in this incarnation can be quite nicely fleshed out with the understanding of the Sun and the Moon and how they work together.

If we look at the relationship between the two luminaries, Sun and Moon, we can see that the Moon, what is digested and what gets our attention then will direct the energy of the Sun in such a way as to mold the expression of the Sun. We become the Moon, it feeds us and this in turn will alter the purpose of this incarnation, the Sun.

One more layer to this is that the South Node of the Moon in the chart represents another type of Moon energy. This represents the ego, identity associations that we have brought in from previous incarnations. It gives yet another layer of evolution. If the Moon is our starting identity and evolving identity in this incarnation then we can see what identity we brought in with us from previous lifetimes with the archetype of the South Node of the Moon. I would even propose there is a sort of energetic transformation of the soul as seen in these symbols. From past incarnations we brought through an identity. That identity had good and bad characteristics as developed in a single or even many incarnations but is seen in a single symbol in the chart. The Moon is the new identity. This symbol represents the need for growth in this life. In these two symbols there is a past and a present and even a future because the Moon represents both the present and the future in this incarnation. We bring in a self-identity shown in the South Node, we will be made secure and comfortable and then through gradual processing, chewing on and eventual growth, evolve (Moon). This process then will also evolve our evolutionary purpose (Sun).

If there is a solid understanding of the South Node of the Moon, Moon and Sun in a Natal chart, the basis of the Soul; the past identity, present and evolving ego identification and the meaning of this life  is thoroughly understood.