The Archetype of Cancer, Moon and the 4th House

The Archetype of Cancer, Moon, 4th House and the separating square is cardinal and water. Water signs are about emotional process and integration. When this integration process is combined with cardinality, we are pressured to act, we cannot run from the realm of emotional integration. People with Cancer as the Sun, Moon, Mars or on the Ascendant to name a few possibilities, will react and process emotionally. To become an emotionally well-adjusted adult, we must be able to come to peace with our feeling-life putting it into some framework based upon previous experiences. For example, if you as an adult lose a parent, there would be a need to feel the experience, grief, etc. In this “feeling” (cancer) there is the ability to use previous, similar experiences that have been worked on. If the previous work has been productive and the process effective, there will be the ability to feel sad but to move through the experience so that there can be a quick return to functioning. If there has not been effective, and healthy integration, an individual will be confronted with this death and will be rocked to the core, unable to get back to happy, daily life. This lack of processing could have been in the present incarnation or a previous one. Cancer strongly seen in the Natal Chart can show an individual with an evolutionary need to engage in this emotional processing in this incarnation because this process has been derailed in previous incarnations. This kind of individual will be emotionally triggered in this life, will be raging or crying at the seemingly slightest detail. This type of response shows that emotional integration and abnormal processing is pulling the strings.
The symbol of Cancer is the crab. This is a water and land dweller. They must function in both environments. Whereas the Pisces fish only is adapted to the environment of water, the crab is more versatile. When well-adjusted and healthy, they live in both the emotional-water world, needing time alone but able to emerge effectively in the air-breathing domain. If these types become too consumed with the emotional processing, they are not able to effectively function in daily life and are not dealing well with this energy.

This archetype is quite nurturing. They can be very supportive and home life can be very important. This is because the processing necessary for healthy function requires an environment in which they can let down their guard. They will understand about vulnerability so will support those who need it. Many cancerians love children and will be tender caregivers because of this understanding of vulnerability. Another facet of this energy is the concept of loyalty. These types are fiercely loyal and protective. This is classically a loyalty to family however there are many cancer personalities that are loyal to a collective issue or to their motherland.
Keywords for Cancer include:
Family, mother or motherland
Gestation, time, birth
Emotions and the emotional body
The matriarchal lineage or the matriarchy or matriarch
In the body, the stomach, breasts, uterus, and the ovaries.
Natives of this archetype include John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth and was a U.S Senator. He had Sun, Mars and Pluto in Cancer. He was obviously quite loyal to the cause of the United States of America.
Anne Frank, the famous child who many have understood the horrors of WWII through was another with the Cancer archetype strongly figured. She had Moon conjunct Mars and Neptune and these were aspected by the North Node of the Moon and Jupiter through a separating square. Her journal described her emotional process of this terrible time in history.