The Archetype of Capricorn, Saturn and the 10th House

Capricorn is a cardinal, earth sign. The cardinal signs speak of a new cycle. We act first and think second. Typically, when we do stop to think and the consequences of the leap are realized there is a moment of panic. The initial leap is important because we all must make changes from old, not working habits to new, but the adrenaline rush of the freeze then causes a step backward toward the old mode of being. This is the process of the Cardinal Archetypes; two steps forward and one step back. In the Earth Signs we need to see the results in form. We see what works and what doesn’t graphically in the tangibility that is the of the form of earth signs and this teaches us. In Capricorn life is our teacher and our job in this is to listen to our life. Why do we take a step forward at all? This process is anxiety provoking! Why not just stay in the comfort of our old habits? The answer to this is that Capricorn is very aware, at least archetypically, of morality, right conduct and climbing up the mountain to get to a better place. We make a change because something inside each of us wants our life to become more in-synch with each of our own idea of what is “right”. So, what if you act without morals, act for the outcome without considering the means that are used? This is also Capricorn.

Capricorn is the labor, the work we give to life to make it better.

Capricorn is the process of maturation, we grow up and leave the comfort of mother and in this we then can become a contributor to society, doing our share.

Capricorn is about timing, it is the celestial clock that indicates that we are ready.

Capricorn is the test of credibility, the elder and the crone.

Capricorn and Saturn show where we must grow up and work to gain credibility. It shows where we have digressed and where we must evaluate our own morality. In this placement we must ask questions and come to terms and in this way improve upon something that hasn’t been up to our own evaluation of ultimate “right” in this incarnation or another.


The Symbol of Capricorn is the Goat. The steady climb of the goat up the vertical face of the mountain. This is the path of Capricorn. Resilience and patience are gifts of these types. There is no easy ascent but there is also no greater gift then the self-respect earned through facing the challenge of the demon of morality vs immorality and we all have one.

Keywords for Capricorn include:

Authority, Parent, Elder, Ancestors

Alignment and Morality, Testing


Time, Coming of Age, Ready


In the Body the skeleton, bones, processes of crystallization

Representatives of this Archetype include Steven Hawking who is a theoretical physicist and mathematician who worked to understand the very structure of our reality. He also has lived with the debilitating disease, ALS, that completely destroyed the structural integrity of his body. He has his Sun and Mercury in Capricorn.

Both General George Patton and General Collin Powell have Moon in Capricorn and are examples of lifetimes committed to leadership.