Gemini, Mercury and the 3rd House

Gemini is of the air element. There is an emphasis on ideas and the mind. The exchange with others is key and they are extremely sensitive and fight against partiality and prejudice. The modality of Gemini is mutable-there is a desire to spread these ideas. There is an ability to name phenomena, decode it, to understand it. Through understanding, we can tame and control life. We gather facts, data and in Gemini we see the thread of consistency and make sense of existence through this thread.

The symbol of Gemini is the twins. To understand this association, think of your siblings as another you, able to go out and see the world from a different perspective. Through synthesizing these different experiences, collecting bits of the truth, there can be realized a much more complete truth.

Writing, speaking and thinking are Gemini processes. These allow both the spread of ideas and the absorption of differing perspectives both important to this sign.

Different cultures are also an important aspect of this sign because they represent the diversity Gemini is about.

Gemini gathers, sees, and hears as many differing ideas as possible. It is as if they have a special organ, an antenna, that allows this listening, gathering and seeing of information. The purpose of this is to reach a closer approximation of the actual truth. There is an understanding in this sign that truth is relative and instinctively abhor partial truths.  Gemini’s know that the world is a dangerous place and it is only through understanding what life truly is that successful choices can be made. What if we make a choice based upon a partial truth? This makes us vulnerable.

Keywords for Gemini include:

Mind, learning, early school years



Cross-cultural exchange

Data gathering and seeing the thread of logic

Truth or questions about truth

Movement, dance


The Brain, the hands and the extremities.

Iconic Gemini figures include Tina Fey. She is a comedienne who has been very successful with her speaking and writing talent. She has Mars conjunct Venus in Gemini and Mercury is conjunct the Midheaven.

Julian Assange is a controversial figure and whether we think he is completely truthful, he is about spread of information and transparency. The subject of truth and lies are a part of his legacy. He has Venus and Saturn in Gemini and North Node in the 3rd House.