Winter Solstice 2017 and Early Eclipses 2018

The December Solstice is the exhale of one year and the inhale of the next. It is the coming of the Sun after the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere. We all live from one inhale to the next, one dawn to the next with the possibility that it will not come but when it does we are afforded security (Moon) and we then can build a life that has meaning and significance for us (Sun). We are given the opportunity through a lifetime of inhalations, a lifetime of sunrises and moonrises to create a life that hopefully leads to a better future (Sun and North Node).

I would like to look at three very profound moments in time, the ingress of the Sun in Capricorn on the upcoming Solstice day and the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in early 2018, to look at the first months of the year through the lenses of this monumental energy.

The chart of the ingress of the Sun into Capricorn on the Solstice is remarkable for Saturn conjunct the Sun at 0 degrees Capricorn. Sun in Capricorn finds meaning in a path that truly works, gives us respectability and success. There is a call, it is NOW and pressures us to develop systems and structures in our life that will be reliable. It is the inner authority we must find to provide a structure for our life that will give us the leg up we need to make progress. This is not only a new phase conjunction but on a cardinal degree; a promise so new it will feel like a memory, a vision of what might be but with these images in the 12th House there is a sensitivity to this energy. There is the need to be realistic. We may have an image of what type of authority we should have or would want to be, but the question is what is possible. The naivety and dreamlike quality of these 12th House Capricorn planets must be recognized because in recognition there is power.  With this placement we must let go of our shoulds, ideals and dreams, these will keep us frozen and like the 0 degree, caught in a suspended animation of potential. We want to be effective. We all feel the hunger for an authority that we can trust but it is not only outside ourselves, it is within. This 12th House expression takes maturity and a degree of spiritual alignment for the best possible expression, until this happens this Capricorn energy can be twisted. Capricorn can see the result as more important than the process and so may represent the desired end on the surface but not act consistent with respectable values. This hypocrisy is one facet we all must watch for within and without. Promises made but not kept are another facet of this that represents an authority that cannot be trusted. Pluto is out of aspect but found in Capricorn and in the 12th House. It gives further description regarding this Capricorn energy. This provides further evidence of a possible shadow-side to this issue. Venus in the 11th House conjuncting the Sun/Saturn pair shows that what we offer and what we are looking for in relationships is progress, not business as usual. We are looking for a visionary. We value this in ourselves as well. This is reinforced with the sign of Aquarius on the 2nd House cusp. We are looking for a revolution. This will be given impetus due to Jupiter in Scorpio (emphasized with the 15-degree placement) conjunct Mars and squaring the Nodal Axis.

Revolution is in the air. The South Node of the Moon is in Aquarius and is conjunct the Moon. At this Solstice we will be fed by this rebelliousness. The placement of the South Node of the Moon in the 1st House is monumental, we will rebel first and ask questions later. This is further emphasized with the Ruler of the South Node, Uranus in Aries. We are screaming for liberation. This Uranus is vocal! We have a screaming match between our patriarchal, not listening and entrenched authority and our new regime. With South Node conjunct the Moon, the new regime has to do with a voice that is more inclusive of the wisdom of community and more involved with a true give and take starting from values of mutual respect (conjunct Juno). This is a time to be vocal, express what we need from an authority in ourselves and from others. We have an opportunity to bring this energy to fruition. With the North Node in Leo and conjunct Ceres we have an opportunity of integration of this more inclusive energy and because the Ruler of the North Node is the Sun in Capricorn we have come full circle. We have a way through the impasse with the energy of the 7th House, learning to listen to the other, coming from a place of shared values of kindness and willingness to forgive injustice. We must speak with a clear voice to this entrenched patriarchy we have experienced, to birth a better future. This will be a war; to recover the blessing of a mature Sun in Capricorn in the 12th House, a type of responsible and respectful authority. We must wage this war. With the conjunction of Jupiter and mars in Scorpio, a combustible pair at best, we must resign ourselves to the process of emotional cleansing. There has been so much toxicity from our entrenched patriarchal beliefs and toxicity from and attachment to the angry feminine that we must see the value in forgiveness (Neptune in the 2nd House).

The next chart is that of the Lunar Eclipse on January 31, 2018. This is another keyhole of potential energy that we can harness for change. At the eclipse we have a fusion of the energy that gives us meaning and the energy that feeds us and gives us security thus, bringing a potential for breakthrough.

We can see a progression here. As compared to the Solstice Chart where we saw the Sun in the 12th House- that self-conscious, unsure authority that could go either way- we go back to the old patriarchal-dominated good old boys or the rebel; it has chosen a side.  There is now all out rebellion! This Lunar Eclipse chart now shows Pluto-, the frustrated and impotent, raging patriarchal authority who is entrenched in perpetuating its own interests and who is invested in exclusivity and failing to listen-moving just past the Ascendant. We are now committed to changing this authority and can now be effective in our fight.

In this chart there is a massive coalition of planets in the 1st House. We have been given a mission! With Mercury widely conjunct Pluto in the 1st we now have a skillset that aids in our fight. We have the determination, the energy and an understanding of systems to be effective in our revolution for a New Order. There is an even greater emphasis on the effective integration of both the patriarchal and the matriarchal view. One portrayal of this duality is to bring out the best of the father principle, to upgrade and renovate, to reinvent so that we have less exclusivity and a more authentic challenge to transform what we have accepted as the status quo. We have effectively integrated our understanding of the need for a revolution in our relationships to becoming more involved with new solutions of equality. We see there have been previous iterations of this potential with the conjunctions on the South Node and on the North Node a time to re-evaluate this dynamic. And to truly be effective in integrating this change we must not be afraid of confrontation. The square to Jupiter in Scorpio has moved from the 9th House to the 10th House. From a sense of gridlock in previous judgmental ideologies to the ability to truly act in a manner that is constructive, finding positive solutions with integrity (10th House).

The final chart of this series is that of the Solar Eclipse on February 15, 2018. There is a completely different tone in this chart. On the cusp of the Ascendant we have Cancer instead of Capricorn. This emphasizes a transition from an external, outward and more patriarchal mentality to one of introspection. Instead of the warrior bent of the previous charts, here we are challenged to establish inner security. The ruler of this is the Moon in Aquarius conjunct the Sun in the 9th House which is also conjunct Venus in Pisces. In its best expression this represents a fusion of a higher-minded, more progressive thrust of both the masculine and the feminine archetypes toward Universality. There is indeed great potential here that seeks to integrate the highest in each of us in mind and in spirit. In the 9th House we are asked to develop our faith, and in this there is potential to go far. If approached in this inspiring manner we will be protected and can establish inner security. There is also the potential, however, based upon how we chose to express the energies in the previous charts, for a less exalted outcome. There could be lies and misinformation spread to keep the outward peace at the expense of the truth that we haven’t come any closer to integrating. We could be distanced and separated, floating in isolation within our relationships.

The South Node in the 8th House-brings again, a need for deep work, and this time it is emphasized by not just its placement in the 8th House but also by its square to Jupiter in Scorpio. There is a challenge and another chance to hold on to the process of emotional honesty and metamorphosis of our purpose (Jupiter in the 5th) and this process will be rewarded! We may be able to reach a balancing point or steady state of masculine and feminine (Sun conjunct the Moon). To me if successful, this will allow confrontation to be a means to push forward truth (Jupiter squaring the Nodal Axis and Mercury conjunct the South Node). This is a huge calling, and we will be challenged to achieve this with Pluto in the 7th House. Suffice it to say the frustrations and weaknesses within our relationships will certainly be felt. The intention at the root of this type of confrontation is to realize that when words are spoken they are heard as another possibility rather than a challenge or a reason to defend. Words should be heard coming from someone who is on your side rather than on an opposing side. In this way both sides are recognized as being on the same side just seen from a different angle and a disagreement is only another option rather than an affront or confrontation. This dialogue is needed to pull us out of our ideals or evasions and into the emotional truths that must be integrated.

The Solstice and Eclipse energies are pivotal and portentous. Are we to integrate, using emotional processing and pain, for revolution? We must open up to our own process of descent into painful emotional purging. Am I consistently ready to take the next step in my growth? Can I be more consistent? Am I strong enough to dive into my own emotional truths to become who I should be, thus leading to a revolution of emotional depth? This will be an intensely painful but equally rewarding process. If pursued with integrity, we will have the potential to rework and re-align our highest possible purpose and outward masculine principle, thereby enabling our goals to be met without subjugating others. What we need emotionally may become very clear to us, which will help us stop being driven by the lack of integrating our deep emotional wounds. This work will lead to the ability to understand how to fulfill our own needs by ourselves rather than projecting those unmet needs onto another who we may have been raging against due to those same needs not being met. This will allow a revolution to take place with consistent and balanced expression of masculine and feminine, thus healing the raging and subjugation and allowing emotional integration for consistent action and healthy emotional fulfillment