Archetype of Taurus, Venus and the Second House

Taurus is fixed and Earth. The Earth element pertains to solidity; incarnation into form on the physical plane. Because incarnation is so important facets of living in a body are also important such as learning about themselves and lessons regarding who they are through touch, through feedback from the tangibles. We learn quickly when in physical form- there is no ambivalence about what is working and what isn’t. We like things that feel good, sensual experiences are sought because part of Taurus job is to enjoy, to identify what is reliable and what works when in physical form so in a direct fashion (not intellectual at all) GOOD=COMFORTABLE. The senses are of unparalleled development: touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. There is an unapologetic enjoyment of the senses and a talent in identifying good things. These types are rich in talent, they have an aura of attraction and beauty. These folks have an air of self-sufficiency and this is very attractive. They are so not needy of others that we flock to them to have a bit of this magic rub off on us. They enjoy the best but too much of a good thing is…..EVEN BETTER (hahahaha). Seriously, too much of this is limiting and can get these folks in trouble. The problem is that their most obvious asset is their physical body but they can hurt their body through unbalanced experiences of sensuality; a balance is needed and life will bring valuable lessons and is another tangible learning tool.

Taurus is a fixed sign which means these folks are resourceful, again talented and royalty of manifestation with the other fixed signs of the zodiac (Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius). When healthy these folks can learn from tangibles that work and use their intrinsic talent to manifest.

An important point is that being so much about their process-they trust their own talent (why shouldn’t they?), they have the confidence, can identify what is valuable, they have the resources to produce and manifest on this physical plane that this by itself can become problematic. Their evolutionary talent is  self-sufficiency, whole unto itself but, of course, too much “me” and “mine” will lead them to a solitary, well-appointed penthouse; not needing others until they do. At some point a saturation point is reached, they need input from another to grow. This is the balance point that will be reached through inclusion of the opposite archetype, Scorpio.

The symbol is The Bull. This is a straight-forward image showing the sheer physicality that is such a part of Taurus; massive, stubborn, somewhat impervious to input from the environment.

Keywords for the Taurus Archetype:

Talented, Resourceful

Calm, what calms us down

Beautiful, Sensual, what we appreciate



Physical, Sexual


In the Body the throat the thyroid gland and the voice.


Representatives of this Archetype include George Clooney. He demonstrates the unmistakable magnetism and sheer attractiveness of this archetype.

Another individual who epitomizes this is Coco Chanel. She started an empire very Taurean-related it is all about physical beauty and sensuality. Her South Node is in Taurus and the ruler of this, Venus, is conjunct her Sun.