The Archetype of Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th House

This Archetype is Fixed Water. Interesting that this description brings ice to mind because it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Scorpio archetype figured strongly in a chart may come across as cool and distant initially, this is not because they are analytical and detached, that describes the Fixed Air Archetype of Aquarius. Scorpios cultivate this cool persona because they are getting a lay of the land before they give any of their secrets away. Scorpio usually has learned the hard way through their life that there is a possibility of danger; there is a dark side and trust is a precious gift they only give when it is earned. If you were to see the true nature of this sort they are emotional. They live in their emotions and react from this place. They are very intuitive because of this. You can rationalize with the intellect, but those who react emotionally are IN IT, they cannot lie. Fixed Water people are determined. They know what they want and are passionate about it. They are here to make manifest and produce and these folks can succeed. The force of the emotions can drive them without sleep or food, if they decide it is worth doing, they will get it done. Scorpio types are described as ruthless, this is the other side to this quality. The positive expression is faithful, devoted and honest, anything less is not worthy of their energy.

An important facet of this archetype is that they understand that emotions are the interface of our evolution. They are about the unadulterated truth because anything less than this is a waste of time. They are on the planet to evolve their soul. This is true for all but these folks’ mission is to push their limits, they know there is so much more than where they are at any given point and do not rest until they are closer to their highest potential.  

Scorpio types feel so acutely their emotions that if they are not able to achieve some measure of success they can manipulate, use others and betray to achieve some degree of power. With this strong drive there must be a guiding light or it can be misused.

The symbols of the Scorpio Archetype are the Scorpion and the Phoenix. These symbols represent the degree to which these folks direct their formidable energy into a constructive channel. The Scorpion represents the stinger, the use of their power solely to keep themselves invulnerable, fearful of allowing any sign of weakness. They are so IN IT, in their own place of lack of their potential that they do not want anybody to see how far from their highest self they are. They protect their weakness and in this way never allow others in. This perpetuates their vulnerability because another important point with this archetype is they must OPEN EMOTIONALLY to another to reach their potential. Scorpio is not truly about many partners, it is about a single true connection with another. If the relationship is about mutual growth they will never seek another mate. This bonding allows movement of energy in the root, helping these folks connect with their own Soul through another. It helps them calm down. The Phoenix represents the way these types continually evolve, burning through desires, outgrowing and releasing as easily as some take out the trash. This is the true strength of this Archetype, the power to annihilate parts of themselves that are no longer serving their higher purpose. This is another manifestation of their ruthlessness but in this instance it is perfectly serving the light.

Keywords for the Scorpio Archetype:

Emotional Power, Money



Destruction to create a better form




Represents the Sexual Organs-testes and ovaries and processes of enzymatic change and mutation such as of the DNA.

Spiro Agnew is a good example of this archetype. With his Sun and Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in the 8th House he felt keenly his own powerlessness and was forced to resigns from Vice Presidential office due to tax evasion, financial misconduct and accepting bribes.

Umberto Agnelli was the youngest child of Edoardo Agnelli and the grandson of Giovanni who started the Fiat car company. He had Sun and Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio with Moon conjunct the Nodal axis in Leo and conjunct Pluto and squaring the Scorpio planets. He was an example of powerlessness in that in spite of his massive wealth he was powerless to belong to a family. Both his parents were dead by the time he was 11 years old. His chart indicates he felt the loss of his parents intensely and much of his energy was to gain a more secure emotional foundation.