The Archetype of Aries, Mars and the First House

Aries is known to be the God of War. This gives us a gut feeling about the meaning in the birth chart. The deep significance of Aries; the need in each of us to fight. The question for each of us and is signified by Mars in our natal chart, what are we karmically destined to fight for? Where have we been pushed down and suppressed, where have we been the victim or experienced injustice? In this incarnation we can no longer grow on a soul level until we FIGHT, we RAGE, we simply cannot sit back and be passive, this is Mars.

Aries follows Pisces in the Natural Zodiac. Pisces, 12th house and Neptune in our natal chart shows, on one level, where we have felt powerlessness, been victimized and helpless. The First House shows this instinctive anger and response to this memory of victimization. We must feel our anger in to grow past what we have been. We must act and respond to this feeling of powerlessness and assert ourselves. In this incarnation this energy for each of us is seen in our natal placement of Mars, the Sign on the First House cusp and in any Planets in Aries in our chart.

The symbol of Aries is the RAM. This image is visceral for this archetype. Imagine the bend to the neck and the forward momentum to this animal. Head first, strong in will and body no obstacle is stronger.

Aries energy is instinctive, uncontrollable and raw. It is the rodeo horse ride, wild and fierce. Aries is represented by the Element of Fire and is Cardinal. Fire is the spark, the ignition, the passion. We have energy to use for a process. With cardinal, we start but because the process is new, we freak out. We are inspired to react against where we have been, start a new direction but then we are not sure where we go after the first step and may go back to where we started out of security needs. This then makes us feel frustrated and we react against our fear and take 2 steps further than where we initially jumped. And this is the Aries process, erratic and emotional but will move us forward.

Our desires in this life are represented by this archetype. Think of what you want and how you get it in this life, this is also Mars. Mars takes you on a direction; it becomes the direction of your life.

Keywords for Aries Archetype:

Pioneer, Fight

Instinct, Impulse

Anger, Rage


Desire, Sexuality

In the Body: The Skull, Generally the Head, the Penis, Red Blood Cells, Male hormones.

Albert 1 of Belgium is a good example of this archetype. He had Jupiter and South Node of the Moon in the 1st House and Sun in Aries and a prominent Mars. He was King of Belgium at the time of WW1. He personally fought at the front during this war for 4 years, leading his troops to a victory.

Hugo Chavez had Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus in the 1st house and is another good example of this archetype. He was a Venezuelan politician and revolutionary.