Archetype of Libra, Venus and the Seventh House

Libra is described by the element of air and is a cardinal modality. The air signs are characterized by a sensitivity to distribution, balance and proportion. There is an understanding that it is not only about their own reality but about where we fit relative to others. Libran folks understand the importance of context. I previously described Aquarians, another air sign, as having a gift with analysis. The context is understood through objectification and mental clarity. It is through the Aquarius archetype that we understand the inner structure and use this for improvement. Libra is similar in that there is a talent for mental distancing and detachment; they see both sides of anything. We all learn through comparison. Parents realize very early to capitalize on giving choices to expedite a child’s compliance: would you like oatmeal or eggs for breakfast. This is habitual, and the saying everything is relative is true. For Libra archetypes there is a sensitivity to this issue. These folks are torn in a world of options, there is always another choice, another point of view, another reality.

There is an endearing openness to others, a fairness and broadness of spirit but if mishandled, promises are not kept; another offer was better and they didn’t show. There can be a tendency to be so fair and open minded they lose their own center. In a revolving world of opinion their center and self can get displaced causing loss of face; they can acquire a reputation for falsehood.

The symbol for Libra is the Scales. The association with symmetry, balance, fairness, justice, equality is evident and is valid. My impression is that those who carry this archetype prominently in their charts very often come in with the emphasis for balance because they have a karma of the opposite. When Libra is seen in a chart there is a need to find their own middle ground and this usually involves going to extremes in the process. Many Librans come in to a family who are quite partisan and partisan in a way that these folks do not resonate with. This pushes these types to first react against what they experienced in childhood. To them, there is a lack of representation of the entire picture, they see where there is a lack of balance. Librans frequently join the opposite camp as a part of achieving their own center.

Classically Libra represents relationships. The balance and importance of what we give and what we need to be complete takes center stage. The lack is the starting place of Libran personalities. The lack gives rise to the perpetual search for the other (substitute whatever noun is relevant) mate, brand of coffee, pair of jeans, philosophical point of view…. There can be an intense restlessness to this archetype.

Keywords for Libra:

Out of balance until there is Balance, Fairness and Impartiality



Argumentative until they come to their Center

The Other Viewpoint, Spy

Political, Open Minded

In the Body-Kidneys, Inner Ear, Hearing, Balance and Equilibrium.

An interesting representative of this archetype is Divine. She is a drag queen who was raised in an upper-middle class family in Baltimore Maryland. Divine was obese and couldn’t fit in at high school where he was mercilessly bullied. Through a childhood friend, John Waters, both aided the others rise to fame. He had Sun, Venus and Mercury and Jupiter in Libra. Divine typifies the sensitivity to the lack of balance, the need to look for a more complete truth than the family in which he was raised. He suffered from depression and terrible mood swings, again showing the lack of balance that can be seen in the archetype.

Samuel Adams also has a dominance of Libra. He had Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus in Libra and North Node in the 7th House-the Libran House. He was a Founding Father of the United States of America. He was the Founder of the Sons of Liberty and was instrumental in the fight against the injustices of British Rule.