Incarnation and Evolution

The astrological wheel is the representation of the constellations in the sky. The path of the Sun in the sky describes the ecliptic. It is along the ecliptic the constellations of the Zodiac reside. These constellations make up the zodiac and describe the archetypes that symbolize our process when incarnated on earth. The Natal Chart is a picture of the positions of the constellations at the moment of your birth and gives a framework to interpret the symbols of the zodiac as they relate to an individual incarnation.

Particularly eloquent is the interpretation of the points of contact between the sky and the earth-the horizon and the highest point and lowest point of the Sun relative to the earth at the time of your birth.  These details, the horizontal and vertical lines dividing the chart, represent the skeleton of your personality and was caught as a moment in time that symbolizes your soul. Imagine the ongoing nature of time, past and future without definition. With your birth, you describe a discrete moment in time, fixed for this incarnation by your emergence, the connection to the physical plane.

This structure describes the present personality. The soul has chosen this personality as a vehicle to process experiences both good and bad.

The soul is a timeless force we each carry through lifetimes. The intention through incarnating into form over lifetimes is to gain feedback on our choices. This feedback, if successfully integrated over time, evolves our soul.

Our personality is the vehicle we are using in this lifetime. The personality will lead to interaction with the environment. This is the cauldron of alchemical transformation caused by the pressure of incarnation.  It is this interaction with the environment through the individual likes and dislikes, instinctive desires, thoughts, creative aspirations, feelings of inadequacy, anger, fear and subsequent search for support and safety where the rubber meets the road. This life allows learning, allows our personality to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Our values give rise to both how we act and how we interpret the results as either good or bad. Through these experiences we evolve our choices so that in the next lifetime we can make choices that allow our soul to grow beyond the choices of today.