The Virgo, 6th House and Mercury Archetype: The Search for Inner Contentment in the face of Imperfection

Virgo is represented by a beautiful young woman among the astrological pantheon. To me, this one image represents the good and bad of this Archetype which is the sign of Virgo, the 6th House and Mercury. The positive aspects of Virgo are represented by any communal insect. A worker bee has a purpose that is completed efficiently, tirelessly and without individual drama. The result is not about the bee and what that bee has accomplished but it is about what has been done for the good of the organism. It is a job well done. It is a self-contained and beautiful result in the way clean and simple efficiency is beautiful. Self-containment is a large part of this archetype and is not completely understood in the patriarchal world in which we live. Because of conditioning, we immediately try to hook up the beautiful woman with a masculine counterpart however Virgo is a symbol of femininity whole unto herself! She is capable, skilled, practical, and interested in healthy function which includes her individual body’s function as well as function of any project she relates to.

Virgo is a mutable earth Archetype. Purposes of any Earth Sign include:

the experience of incarnation into form to test, to see what will work in practice.

Experiencing the senses to know from a human perspective about more of the truth.

Tangible feedback that enforces learning on many levels.

Development of an understanding about the physical plane.

Navigating the senses to give the Soul a home that is both functional and enjoyable.

The experience of the timeless within time and place and the discrepancy therein.

Virgo is an Archetype that is quite at home in a more matriarchal climate, where women are strong through their value of inclusiveness and functionality over ego and through skilled intelligence and single femininity and not through deference to or relationship with a masculine figure or by virtue of her appearance.

The Archetype of Virgo is feminine however there are men who resonate with the concepts of Virgo. I am writing about an energy that is beyond and of broader scope than gender.

The Mutable element describes Virgo to be open minded, aware of the whole picture rather than individual or partisan desires. There is an understanding that we are responsible for more than just ourselves and there is more to consider than our own lives. With Virgo we are global, conscious that the pieces of the puzzle are part of the whole. This issue is interesting because not only are we aware of the whole but there is the deep understanding that the pieces are supremely important because they have power; without them there is no whole.

Health, with Virgo, is a global concept but can be understood by these folks as being based upon the details. Virgo is not afraid of either hard work or the need to take time to focus on the parts that must be understood and mastered for true function and health. Diet and exercise are usually of importance to Virgoan types as a part of their path.

Virgos have a keenly analytical mind and intrinsic ability to understand how things function and the best manner of putting things to work for them. This makes them able to succeed in most any environment requiring mental skill and hands on ability. They get the job done through their mental resources and work ethic.

Because Virgo is so conscious of the need for function, there can be hyper-focus on where there is a lack of function which can quickly become “perfection” vs “imperfection”. This focus on perfection can leave these folks depleted. Because we are human beings and on this plane with a human body and mind living with other humans there is no perfectly functioning system, body, etc. This can leave the Virgo types perpetually stressed out and in a perceived reality of lack. They never come to a place of peace. Here we come to the mind body connection associated with Virgo. By working too hard, without balancing their own need for perfect performance with the reality of life on earth, these folks will find they cannot achieve what is their karmic inheritance-integration of spirit into a body able to manifest skillful and integrated success.

Because Virgo is so aware of perfection, they are acutely sensitive to criticism. They are aware of every shortcoming, every time they fall from their own idea of “perfect” function and because of this must be very careful with criticism. They must understand that they habitually internalize every correction as a criticism and they may in turn speak critically to others. They must bring to their experience love of themselves! This will allow acceptance of their humanness and burst the bubble of their own expectations. The paradox is that through their expectation for perfection they are in truth seeking superhuman performance and become extremely arrogant. This in and of itself denies the Virgo of their highest goal that of efficient and skillful performance. They become frozen in fear because they will never reach perfection, they are lost before they start. This leads to a common Virgo shortcoming of being procrastinators. The other aspect of this paradox is these Virgos become attached to the perfect performance and lose humility. So, again they fail to achieve their desired goal of task completion with efficient simplicity and elegance because they become tied to the external appearance rather than the contribution to the whole, they themselves become more important than the contribution.

Some key words describing Virgo Archetype include:

Analytical, deconstructive and able to apply technical understanding to situations



Prone to worrying

Critical of self and others

Beautiful, willing to work on appearance

Virgo rules the intestines.

Interestingly, it is very difficult finding someone who is famous representing Virgo in all its modest glamour. But when I searched for South Node and Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo I came up with Charles Combes 12/26/1801. He is recognized for being the first contract engineer and is etched into the base of the Eiffel Tower by Eiffel as essential to this accomplishment.

Another Virgo personality is Robyn Astaire. She was the first woman jockey to win a major horse race. She was married to Fred Astaire who also was Virgoan in that his Moon was in the 6th House. This couple illustrate a rare focus on the development of technique in order to gain their success.