Meditations on the Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017

The dramatic energies of this Solar Eclipse are felt by each of us. With Sun, North Node, and Mars in Leo we are challenged to manifest the best of who we are in spite of each of our tendency to adhere to old patterns. The old patterns are represented by the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius with the Ruler of the South Node, Uranus in Aries. As I wrote last week, Aquarius is the gift of the mind unadorned with attachments or emotions. It is a desire to evolve using the intellect. With Uranus in Aries our intellect is given a militaristic or warrior energy. We have been on a mission to elevate our lives for the better through deconstructing the whole which allows detailed analysis of what is holding us back from progress. With Uranus retrograde, the result of this has left us with doubts about this mission. We have experienced this militarism from both a good and a bad perspective and the bad display of this shows us to be rash, arrogant and with a trine from a retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, even a bit prejudiced. We are confronted with our own hypocrisy and self-interested betrayal of our goals of improvement and have slid into a façade of voicing a desire for improvement but acting from our need for security and continuation of old patterns. We react from anger when we are confronted in our evasions even though we do still want a true revolution. A revolution, with Uranus in Aries trining the eclipsed Sun in Leo-gaping portal of energy that will take us out of our reactivity and into our heartfelt love of who we want to become.

Mercury in Virgo leads the Sun, Moon and Aries in Leo. This Mercury will allow us to step wisely making skillful choices through the past of ego-involved intellectual justification to our future, our huge POTENTIAL!! This potential is represented by Sun and Moon and Mars in Leo. The potential will be different for each of us and will be understood best if you ask yourself what legacy do you want to leave behind after you leave this lifetime. Leo represents each of our creative manifestations in this lifetime.

I challenge you tomorrow during the eclipse to find a moment where you are quiet. During this quiet put your awareness to your forehead, your 3rd eye, and then place your awareness in the heart space. Sit and enjoy a resonance between these two powerful energies. Use this portal of energy of the eclipse to realize a future integrating the awareness learned through analysis of the evasions and prejudices we all bring with us and with this knowledge, open heartedly with courage,  create your tomorrow.