The Archetype of Aquarius, 11th House and Uranus

All the Archetypes are an expression of a polarity. The Leo and the Aquarius Archetypes represent a polarity. We gain clarity by the comparison of one extreme vs another. With Leo, I wrote previously about creativity, love of life and the father principle. In comparison, Aquarius takes us from the actor in Leo to the observer. We observe situations to gain clarity and to achieve more understanding. Aquarius shares the fixed modality with Leo. There is tremendous mastery available but this time instead of the creative impulse and the deep involvement with the creative self as seen in Leo there is mastery on the mental plane. Because Aquarius is an air sign there is great intellectual ability. Air allows fluidity and exchange however with a fixed air sign, Aquarius, the intangible is given structure and form. With Aquarius there is a gift of understanding in the realm of the intellect. With this archetype we are pressured to give form to our thoughts and to our intellectual creations. Through objectivity and mental clarity we are empowered with understanding. It is arguable that the intellect is truly what makes us human and therefore,  with Aquarius, we realize humanity’s highest achievement.

The symbol of Aquarius is that of the Waterbearer. This symbol looks to be a god pouring down his gift of spiritual water, knowledge, from the heavens to those of us on the physical plane. This represents the Aquarian karmic inheritance to bring knowledge into form but his true mission is not to simply gain knowledge, the true mission is to pass along this knowledge for the improvement of civilization. All Aquarians are bearers of enlightenment.

Aquarius requires emotional distance to understand the big picture as opposed to the Leo quality of familiarity and warmth of emotion. Too much partisanship destroys the truth. This distancing, in a negative manner, can lead to a tendency for a separation of mind and emotion. There can be a tendency to fall away from the views of their family of birth. These Aquarian types may prefer groups of friends over family ties. Friends chosen on their beliefs provide a source of reference for these types; there is the potential for strength through many minds working together.

Keywords associated with Aquarius include:

Mental clarity and creativity, higher consciousness, instantaneous awareness

Scientific ability


Objectivity beyond personal attachments

Using the mind to upgrade the minimum standard, progress, bringers of enlightenment

The witness

Groups of friends

Non-biological, sarcasm, criticism, fear of humiliation

Trauma and subsequent frozen emotions in either this lifetime or a previous

The ankles, the brain and the nerves carrying electrical currents and the synapses, lungs (rules with Gemini) and the blood vessels and blood pressure co ruler of the circulatory system with Leo that rules the heart.



Two natal chart examples that show strongly Uranian signatures include Thomas Edison and Bobby Jindal. Thomas Edison was a prolific inventor. He was responsible for the incandescent bulb and was responsible for the use of electricity in daily life. He was the founder of the first research and development laboratory that had as its goal the research and implementation of any invention. We can see that his entire life was Aquarian: Aquarius represents electricity, invention and any scientific inquiry. Edison’s chart features 3 planets in Aquarius including the Sun and Mercury and Neptune and another body called the North Node of the Moon also is in the 11th House, another Uranian signature.

Bobby Jindal is the former Governor of Louisiana who distinguishes himself through a rare brilliance of mind. He used this to advance healthcare and government policy through systems analysis. He graduated with a dual major: Biology and Public Policy in 1992 at 20 years of age. He was accepted to both Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School however chose to study at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He graduated from Oxford with an emphasis in healthcare finance.

He was introduced to the Governor of Louisana and was called a rare genius by the governor. He was able to turn a 400 million dollar deficit into a 220 million dollar surplus. Jindal became the Governor of Louisiana in 2008-2016. During his time as governor, Louisiana rose to 3rd in the nation in healthcare screenings to care for children and provided expanded services for elderly and disabled.

Jindal has North Node of the Moon conjunct Mars both in Aquarius and Uranus in the 1st House. This biographical sketch portrays in several ways the Aquarian Archetype. His brilliance of intellect is obvious as is a talent for detached analysis and ability to see a clear solution for improvement. Another important Aquarian trait is the desire to raise the standard. Aquarians at their best, seek to raise the minimum standard for all regardless of race, gender or wealth.