Eclipse Season, August 2017

To get a deeper understanding of how to use this eclipse season (essentially the month of August) to your advantage, let’s look at what happens in the sky. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon loses the light of the Sun because the earth blocks the Sun’s rays from falling on the moon. Imagine the 3 bodies in a row with the Earth in the center. As these three bodies line up it acts like a 3-number combination lock clicking into place. This opens energetic portals and HUGE amounts of energy are available to us. This is especially strong when we have planets or other important astrological points on the degree of the Sun and Moon at the time of the eclipse.

The signs of the zodiac highlighted this August will be Aquarius and Leo. They describe a continuum with pure Aquarius expression on one extreme and pure Leo on the other. Aquarius represents mental creativity highlighting objectivity and other intellectual functions to improve your life. Leo represents your joyful, playful creativity that you express in your life to connect to your passion.

The lunar eclipse on August 7th will occur with the Moon in Aquarius. This allows a deep connection to be made between how you feel and how you create. You will feel more rational, objective and removed from emotion. The connection of Aquarius and the Moon allows a synthesis in mind and emotion. A rare opportunity to think how we feel and feel how we think! This will allow keen understanding of how your creativity has been blocked or how you have departed from your connection to inspiration and joy.

There is an opportunity during the two weeks between the two eclipses, August 7th through August 21st; at this time, you will be allowed perspective on your life! Take this time to form a new connection to yourself and bring out who you want to be! This process of evaluation will put you in a good place to bring out the potential energy of the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. As an example, say you are creating your life through landscaping. Perhaps you have been experiencing frustration in this, somehow the result is not matching the vision. At this time, you will be gifted with a birds-eye-view and can identify why the manifestation falls short of the vision.

August 21st will be the climax, the solar eclipse. This event happens because the light of the Sun as seen on the Earth is blocked due to the Moon moving between the Sun and Earth. This wide-open portal caused by the alignment of these 3 bodies then amplifies the fused Sun/Moon in Leo energy of creativity in your life. There is a huge focus on becoming the best of your birth potential and what you have been brought to this planet to create. So, to further the image started above, if you have Sun in Taurus and perhaps create gardens as your special gift, you could open yourself to the Lunar phase and be gifted with clarity as to why you have not been energized by your creations then, after the 21st of the month, after the solar eclipse, allow your joy to guide you with the new-found realizations from the lunar phase. The big question is who and what do you want to be and create? We all are on this planet to realize our gifts as shown in the natal chart by the Sun! This time is an opportunity! Resonate with the joy of your Sun.